One of the most furious and damaging storms in years abated yesterday morning, after having raged in a most terrific style for about 20 hours, causing great disaster throughout the whole of New England. It would be difficult at this time to estimate even approximately the amount of damage done in these two cities and the surrounding towns. Telegraph poles were broken down, wires crossed and broken, the fire alarm system rendered useless, trolley service blocked and the electric lighting service extensively damaged.

50 Years Ago, 1954

For a week Lewiston Municipal Court Recorder, Nelson M. J. Peters has been blaming dogs for tipsetting the refuse containers in his garage at his home at 2 Central Ave. But Attorney Peters last night learned he was wrong in accusing a member of the canine family. Driving up to his garage, his car’s lights picked up a raccoon, toying with one of the cans. “He was right there to greet me and he stared right at me.” commented Peters. The attorney kept the lights on the animal, and then made a telephone cal the The Sun in the hope that a cameraman could snap the coon’s picture. But when the photographer got there the animal had slithered away, much to the chagrin of Peters – and the lensman.

25 Years Ago, 1979

National Adoption Week will be celebrated across the United States during the week of Nov. 18 to 25. The purpose of this celebration is to help families who have adopted children to celebrate together. In addition to this, this week is designed so that information will be provided to families who are interested in adopting a child. According to the North American Council for Adoptable Children (NACAC), there are approximately 500,000 children in foster care. Only about one-third of these children will be placed in a permanent home through adoption.

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