JAY – The Jay High School honor roll for the first quarter is announced as follows:


High honors: Alex Magrath, Amanda Magrath, Katie Miess, Rachel Rier, Ashley Uhuad.

Honors: Tristan Brochu, Savannah Barker, Shane Bourgault, Josh Couture, Sara DeMillo, Adam DeSanctis, Sarah Doughty, Jacob Farrington, Sara Fetterhoff, Mark Given, Brandon Gould, Sheena Hatch, Ben Irish, Briana Joy, Jaclyn Lautz, Steven Lofton, Raymond Loon, Jenna Lord, Ashley Marshall, Nathaniel Moore, Shanda Nile, Ashley Rand, Tamara Turner, Kirsten Uhuad, Rebecca Viotto, Justin Wells, Alison Woodcock.


Honors: Ashlee Brooks, Chelsea Buck, Deedra Engberg, Kristen Ferland, Rachel Hast, Nicholas Hutchins, Bradley Loon, Katie Mastine, Heather Moody, Trent Paradis, Tessa Richards, Patrick Ridley.


High honors: Ashley Doughty, Anna LeBlanc

Honors: Kristen Adams, Desiree Castonguay, Kaylie DeMillo, Jenna Dubord, Melinda Farrington, Joseph Gagnon, Stacey Kenney, Isaac LeBlanc, Conrad Rier.


High honors: Jordann Bessey, Cameron Fry, Katlyn Morin

Honors: Brianna Beisaw, Nicholas Bourassa, Curtis Cloutier, Jennifer Cote, Megan Cox, Jessica Haskell, Samuel Howes, Courtney Irving, Nikol Kostopoulos, Shane Lefebvre, Stathi Papanikolaou, Danielle Peart, Shayla Poulin, Matthew Robitaille, Brittany Shardlow, Kristyn Timberlake, Kaitlyn Webster, Cory Wells.

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