LEWISTON – Gov. James B. Longley Elementary School announces its academic honors for the first quarter.

Grade two: Maurice Jennison, Kala Stewart, Jonathon Waterman, Nadia Tag, Justina Simpson, Zachary Nadeau, Brandon Henry.

Grade three: Savannah Barnes.

Grade four: Danya Ayres, Tahni Burnham, Crystal McIntyre, Tyler Tremblett-Letendre, Zacharia Nour, Tyler Leighton, Letavian Sands, Bashir Hussein.

Grade five: Isaiah Magee, Jameisha Gondek, Michael Letendre, Ali Mahmoud, Hibo Yousof, Haley Fletcher.

Grade six: Yasmin Yousol, Rebecka Vines, Crenea Siegmund, Asha Mahamud.

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