Some talk is being made in local sporting circles of an effort to have Lewiston in the New England baseball league next season. It is believed that if grounds can be secured in a central location the game could be a financial success. So many towns are now connected with Lewiston by trolley lines that a much larger crowd would be assured for baseball than ever before. It is thought that if the matter is started under the guidance of the right men, suitable grounds can be secured in a most central location. In the past, when Portland and Lewiston have been in the league, the rivalry has been such that big crowds have attended all the games between these teams.

50 Years Ago, 1954

The only place that’s going to be busier than Santa Claus’ workshop for the next few weeks is the post office and things have already begun to hum in both Twin City post offices as the officials get ready for the deluge of Christmas mail. Superintendents of mail in Lewiston and Auburn expect the pressure of the big yearly push to begin about Dec. 13 this year. “In the last two or three years people have begun to realize they stand a better chance of getting things delivered on time when they mail early,” said Edward A. Brannigan, superintendent of mail in Lewiston.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Lost Valley Ski Area in Auburn is on the books as scheduled to open in exactly on week. But unless there is a tremendous reversal in weather conditions and the great snow spirit blesses the valley with inundating depths of that nice white stuff, the opening obviously will be delayed. “By this time of year,” said Lost Valley Manager Fern Pontbriand Wednesday night, “unless we have had a big storm, we have started to make snow so we can operate on a couple of slopes.” Unreasonably warm weather has put a crimp in ski area’s plans for this season, but even with a change in the weather, Pontbriand said, snowmaking could not start immediately.

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