LEWISTON – Pettingill Elementary School announces its first-quarter honor roll.


Leadership award: Skylar Gaudette and Julia Marley.

Attitude: Victoria Beaulieu and Gregory Dube.

Buddy: Alyssa Bailey and Tyler Cote.

Grade one

Leadership: Andrew Chin and Cooper Schulz.

Attitude: Griffin Wade and Nicholas Poland.

Buddy: Abigail Fuller and Taylor Ward.

Grade two

Leadership: Timothy Dube and Amanda Swart.

Attitude: Brooklyn Brown and Ashley Forshaw.

Buddy: Jacquelyn Dean and Christian Palmer.

Grade three

Leadership: Erin Morris and Matt Poulin.

Attitude: Mercedes Howes and Barrett Scott.

Buddy: Joshua Poulin and Andrea Velez.

Grade four

Leadership: Saskia Comess and Joseph Morin.

Attitude: Emily Craft and Tori Denis.

Buddy: Kayla McAtee and Chelsea Butler.

High honors: Sadie Beaudin, Colton Bernier, Alec Collins, Saskia Comess, Emily Craft, Tori Denis, Brooke Deschene, Kelsey Dumond, Jason Goulet, Brian Guerette, Troy Hebert, Dyandrea Labonte, Terza Leclair, Cleo Miller, Joseph Morin, Dustin Morris, Natalie Rousseau, Lily Shi.

Honors: Morgan Adams, Alex Arbitrario, Natalia Atkins, Aaron Bardier, Chelsea Butler, Travis Corbin, Ericka Evans, Noelle Giguere, Gregory Glann, Haley Grimmer, Bryan Hall, Accalia Jackson, Cody Landry, Michelle Malia, Emily Paione, Keifer Schulz.

Honorable mention: Brandon Boulay-Poulin, Katelynn Gardner, Tyler Goyette, Jazmine, Kayla McAtee, Kiaya McBride, Zachary McBride, Ivan Pulido, Alex Rasztawicki, Spencer Simoneau, Samantha Ward.

Grade five

Leadership: Mitchell Grimmer and Mackenzie Sullivan.

Attitude: Luke Cote and Chad Cyr.

Buddy: Alexandia Dean and Sarah Patterson.

High honors: Nathan Berube, Tommy Castellano, Megan Charest, Cameron Copeland, Luke Cote, Court Menendez, Ryan Gervais, John Goulet, Mitchell Grimmer, Christina Metzler, Brendan Moore, Matthew Myrick, Shawn Ricker, Rayven Satele.

Honors: Justine Bachelder, Dax Catalano, Josh Cunningham, Alexandria Dean, Ryan Dillingham, Kelsea Gilbert, Shae Godbout, Jake Hall, Alex Hanks, Sarah Patterson, Chantelle Pinard, Matthew Poto, Marissa Zanoni.

Honorable mention: Kaitlin Lagueux, Josh Leclair, John Peters, Torri Roberts, Courtney Skidgell, Nicole Vangeli.

Grade six

Leadership: Kelsey Cope-Norris and Morgan Edgecomb.

Attitude: Tiana Kerrigan, Kaylynn Levasseur.

Buddy: Mathew Levesque and Curtis Robinson.

High honors: Brady Blouin, Michael Chin, Kelsey Cope-Norris, Shelby Dobransky, Morgan Edgecomb, Kaylynn Levasseur, Jana MacIsaac, Scott Ouellette, Joseph Sullivan.

Honors: Chase Cote, Briana Czarkowski, Heather Dostie, Darian McAtee, Kistin McCombs, Curtis Robinson, Kaitlyn Tart.

Honorable mention: Tyler Haskell, Jesse Leeman, Ryan Lemelin, Heather Michaud.

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