SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Edward D. Bulger Jr. and Robert A. and Edward D. Bulger to Edward D. Bulger Jr., in Rumford.

Warren W. and Phyllis M. Knox to Timothy and Carrie Knox, in Peru.

Dorothy Waite to John and Pamela Waite, in Canton.

Kerry Thomas to Joseph and Tina Curtis, in Dixfield.

Community Concepts Inc. to Tracy J. Plummer, in Oxford.

Richard A. and Mary R. Childs to Valerie R. Theriault, in Rumford.

Edmund C. Viger and estate of Mary Viger and estate of Mary H. Viger to Samuel L. Dillon, in rumford.

Ronald C. and Betty A. Howe to Stephen M. and Laurene A. Polignone, in Oxford.

Kevin C. Ames to Linda R. Harmon and Linda R. Ames, in Norway.

Johnnie Ann Lord to David and Ruth Harris, in Paris.

Fred W. Coffin Jr. to Vaughn Thurston, in Norway.

Brian F. and Sherrie Y. Hutchinson to John C. and Leila M. Donahue, in Buckfield.

Rawn Phinney to Long View Properties Inc., in Paris.

Jill V. L. Evans to Jill V. L. Evans and Kentom Family Realty Trust, in Greenwood.

Jill V. L. Evans to Kentom Family Realty Trust and Jill V. L. Evans, in Greenwood.

Cheryl D. Fournier to Peter S. Adams, in Hanover.

Cheryl D. Fournier to Elizabeth S. Adams, in Hanover.

Edward J. and Kathleen Lamb and Stephen and Linda M. Tacchi to Paul and Justine Vogel, in Newry.

Michael A. and Patricia A. Lovejoy to Catharine Heffernan, in Norway.

Frank Packard to Sarah Whynaught, in Bethel.

Albert L. Sumner to Thea M. and Roger E. Beaudoin, in Bethel.

Michael A. and Bethany S. Noble to Roger C. and Katherine L. Lothrop, in Otisfield.

James N. and Esther A. Booth to Jason J. Kimball and Kelcey N. Raasumaa, in Norway.

Elsie H. Wittl to Laurie Barringer, in Norway.

Gray Realty Inc. to F and B Wood Corporation, in Mexico.

Mary Jones and Peggy and Margaret G. Pinkham and Martha Holden to Thomas E. and Samantha S. Murch, in Waterford.

Richard Bennett and estate of Joseph A. Bennett to Barbara Przybojewski and Eileen C. Gregory and Harry Bennett and Heidi B. Olson and Kelly Rodrigue and Kevin and Richard and Suzanne Marie and Thomas C. Bennett, in Oxford.

Deborah Pratt to Linda I. and Philip R. Coolidge, in Dixfield.

David A. Head to Paul K. Moniz, in Gilead.

C. Donworth and Virginia Jones to Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud, in Mexico.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to Jean Scamporino, in Mexico.

Mary Beth and Michael A. Walz to Leonard B. Whiting, in Gilead.

David B. and Carol L. Long and Carol L. Breton and Carol Long to Neal and Linda Bowie, in Paris.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Steven and Alison Edelstein, in Newry.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to David M. Yogel, in Newry

William E. Thompson Jr. and Paul E. and Nancy B. Douglas, in Norway.

Fiddlehead LLC to Shearwater Property LLC, in Waterford.

Mountain View Development LLC and Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Julia Lee Young and Nicholas Brooks Lambert, in Newry.

William Craffey and Four C. S. Lagoon Realty Trust to Ski Tracks Inc., in Bethel.

Robert Currier to Lawrence R. and Kimberly E. Zukerberg, in Bethel.

Jeremy H. Lapham to Tommy E. Barrios, in Albany Township.

William H. Batchelor to Arthur N. Kurtz and Moira D. Donnell, in Greenwood

Charles O. and Dara L. Kimball to Charles O. and Dara L. Kimball, in West Paris.

Wendy M. and Brian P. Lane to Michael and Melissa Bouchard, in Norway.

Kevin B. Haines to Anne Marie Schmit, in Norway.

River View Timeshare Trust to Dennis E. and Ruth N. Daniel and Ellis Pond Variety, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Carroll K. and Joan M. Emery, in Bethel.

Brian D. Eaton and estate of Lillian M. Eaton to Randy Eaton, in Rumford.

Douglas A. Lothrop Jr. and Julie C. Lothrop to Robert and Leslie Sacco, in Rumford.

Robert E. Russell Sr. and Hazel O. Russell to James I. Peterson, in Canton.

James I. Peterson to Thomas Lee Timberlake, in Canton.

David L. and Pok Sun Lane to Susan E. Pundt, in Bethel.

Pamela S. Knox to Raymond A. and Patricia F. Paar, in West Paris.

Ernest G. F. and Gladys M. Placey to Ernest F. G. and Gladys M. Placey, in Peru.

Carl L. and Betty J. Young to Pamela Knox, in West Paris.

Francis D. and Helen Canulla to Lloyd L. Poland, in West Paris.

Donna R. Daye to Beddington Associates LLC, in Norway.

Robin J. Maxim to Howard W. Maxim, in Paris.

Becky J. Mason and Becky J. Paradis to Nick A. Paradis, in Norway.

James W. Powers Inc. to Joseph M. Chavez, in Sumner.

Yvonne M. Delamater to Olen D. and Winnifred E. Sisk, in West Paris.

Gerald B. McKenna Jr. and Bettina McKenna to Gerald B. McKenna III and Diann Soule, in Rumford.

Karl A. Gebhard and estate of Phyllis A. Brown to Marcus and Angela McAllister, in Hartford.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to David J. Fournier and Christopher J. Bedard, in Newry.

R. Stephen and Elaine and Elaine R. Leon to Richard A. Santos, in Woodstock.

Brett R. Damm to Megquire Hill Development Associates, in Hebron.

Malcolm W. and Patricia K. Woodworth and Woodworth Trust to David Whitman, in Norway.

Susan Bell and Kathleen Margaret Bell 2002 Trust to Kenneth R. and M. Elaine MacIntyre, in Norway.

A. Gregory Byrne Jr. and Vera F. Byrne to Robert L. and Stacy A. Doucette, in Newry.

Jeffrey H. Rowe to Jeffrey H. and Christine R. Rowe, in Waterford.

Jerome P. Foresta Jr. to Joyce E. and Duane C. Bartlett, in Norway.

Sherman Lee Thomason and Crystal L. and Crystal Williams to Nocola J. Weatherbee, in Hartford.

Michael and Elizabeth Fuller to Michael J. Fuller and Elizabeth Jane Fuller and Elizabeth Jane Fuller Revocable Trust of 2004, in Sumner.

Donald Phillips to Donald Phillips and Milagros Y. Red Feather and Durinda A. Bengato, in Dixfield.

Paul I. Larsen to Alan E. Larsen and Dorothy A. Larsen, in Rumford.

Thomas L. and Therese M. Thibodeau to Gerard M. and Marguerite D. Tucker, in Buckfield.

Philip I. and Elizabeth F. Mitchell to Olive M. and Tammy L. Marshall, in Hartford.

Elaine F. Gaudet to Brian D. and Laurie L. Frost, in Mexico.

Janatha G. Bailey Bruch to Dorothy S. and Susan Cyr, in Norway.

Richasu and Patricia A. Young to Robert E. and Carol L. Guy, in Otisfield.

Dana Lee Kissick to John E. and Mary G. Seilonen, in Norway.

Italo V. and Maria Moscone to Steven Biles, in Sumner.

Peter Alexander Robinson and Mountain View Trust to Phyllis A. and Scott M. Gardner, in Andover.

John A. and Joan E. Kimball to Daniel H. and Susan L. Collins, in Albany Township.

Chester M. Gammon and Donna Gammon to Gregory J. and Rebecca A. Duclos, in Andover.

Robert M. and Fayolene W. Ballard to George J. and Catherine A. Gallant, in Albany Township.

Peter A. and Karen E. Viteritti and Colin B. Moriarty to Ann R. Driscoll, in Greenwood.

James A. Perry and Spruce Mountain Realty Trust to Peter J. Cerulo and Catherine M. Cronin, in Greenwood.

Dale M. and Andrea E. Hamson to Matthew K. and Tracy A. Larkin, in Newry.

Roy E. Achenback and Maryann P. Achenback and Ridge Run Realty Trust to Alexia S. Hamilton and Three Red House Farm Village Trust, in Newry.

Ann A. Vining to Michael P. and Thelma D. Maguire in Bethel.

Richard A. Wyman Jr. to Vernon and Linda Wynott, in Norway.

Richard Laneau to Gustave H. Spurr in Woodstock.

Paul M. Artlip Jr. and Katherine D. Artlip to John P. and Donna G. Lupis in Waterford.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Gerard T. and Janet P. Herrman, in Norway.

Gordon L. and Joan C. and Martin L. and Pamela L. Morgan to Richard and Janet Fournier in Greenwood.

Douglas P. and Bonnie R. Van Durme to Erica L. Van Durme, in Norway.

Norman J. and June M. Roy to Howard R. and Avis J. Gunther, in Rumford.

Matthew W. Walker to William M. and Linda W. Campbell in Paris.

Phyllis J. McKay and Eleanor L. Pike to Geoffrey R. Spear, in Oxford.

Richard P. and Elisabeth S. Cail to David and Rachel M. Reed, in Bethel.

Michael W. and April L. LeTourneau and April L. Evans to Philip C. Payne, in Waterford.

Scott Eicher to Deborah Eicher, in Otisfield.

Michael R. and Cherie D. Bryant to River View Timeshare Trust, in Bethel.

Anthony and Concetta Cassarino to Shawn and Dawn McNutt, in West Paris.

Stephanie Sermiksnis and Estate of Harriet E. Wagnis and estate of Harriet E. M. Wagnis to Todd and Jennifer Fay, in Roxbury.

Edgar Damon Jr. to Jeremiah D. Abbott and Michelle L. Vallee, in Sumner.

Noreen Aleck to Douglas A. Lothrop Jr. and Julie C. Lothrop, in Rumford.

Doris Pare and Eleanor Kimball to Randy R. Thompson, in Dixfield.

Bruce W. and Shannon B. May to Raymond L. Nichols III and Tina B. Nichols, in Norway.

Frederick J. and Merlene Greenwood to Joshua J. Hounsell and Laurie A. Huntress, in Hebron.

Earl L. Tyler and Agatha Kimball to Ernest L. Lavigne III and Stacey R. Lavigne, in Bethel.

John A. Lovely to John A. and Melissa N. Lovely, in Norway.

Casey M. and Heather D. Gray to Joyce A. Curtis, in Dixfield.

Richard O. Hott to Richard O. and Stacy Hott, in Norway.

Maine State Housing Authority to United States of America HUD, in Rumford.

Landfall Investments LLC to Wendell E. and Corinne J. Moore, in Oxford.

William E. Pike and Genevieve E. Crandall to James and Monique Thomas, in Oxford.

Barbara Haynes French and Malcolm A. French to Paul R. and Judy R. Trudeau, in Sumner.

Wendelin F. Wohns and Pamela Lee Jacobsen to Wendelin F. Wohns and Wendelin F. Wohns Trust UAD and Jonathan A. Jacobsen and Pamela L. Jacobsen and Jacobsen Family Trust UAD, in Norway.

William A. Luffman and Alice E. Hayward to Christopher A. and Laurie A. Hayward, in Buckfield.

Evelyn M. Lambert to Evelyn M. and Richard E. Lambert, in Oxford.

Maralyce Ferree to Ray L. Andrews, in Newry.

John W. and Margaret Marie Wilbur to Jason A. Bell, in Canton.

Scott James Riggott to Scott James Riggott and Heather M. Campbell, in Paris.

Carol S. Huotari and Hazel C. Smart and Carol S. Huotari to Jean A. Smart, in Paris.

Michael D. Raymond and Nelson Raymond Jr. to Matthew J. and Joan D. Leland, in Otisfield.

Kerri S. and Ricky G. Andrews to William and Diana J. McLaughlin, in Paris.

Shirley C. and Mary G. Jones to Town of Buckfield, in Buckfield.

Holyoke Associates to Edward M. and Kimberley M. McNamara, in Newry.

Willis L. and Yvonne D. Whittemore to Willis L. and Yvonne D. Whittemore and Cynthia McKeen, in Paris.

Denise L. and Denise Carpenter to Mark L. and Kathleen R. Soehren, in Otisfield.

Thomas F. Nickerson Jr. and Colette B. Nickerson and Roger V. Brown and Jacqueline M. Brown to Richard A. and Ann N. Clark, in Norway.

Deborah J. Blake to Dale W. Merrill Jr., in Oxford.

Charles J. and Geraldine A. Monteforte to John P. and Toni A. Mannette, in Oxford.

Leslie B. Otten to Greenwood Investment LLC, in Greenwood.

Brian P. and Sharon S. Noel to Joshua Noel and Daniel Peters, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Amy L. Pratt, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Richard D. and Ivy W. Jordan, in Bethel.

Leo C. and Pamela J. Buck to Sheila A. and Darren L. Bentley, in Bethel.

David A. Head to Dean E. Christie, in Gilead.

Daniel A. Liberty Sr. to David A. and Frances M. Head, in Bethel.

Michael F. and Cynthia A. Gallant to Ronald G. and Janice H. Spicer, in Roxbury.

Michael Smith to Michael and Linda Smith, in West Paris.

Michael Smith to Michael and Linda Smith, in West Paris.

Jonathan R. Starr to Christine and Philip Sheridan, in Newry.

Michel Pelletier to David and Heather Hale Nivus, in Bethel.

Robert C. and Annette M. Martin to Charles S. and Margaret I. Martin, in Paris.

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