WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jessica Paladino of Turner has been selected to participate in the National Leaders Conference from Dec. 7 to 12.

The leadership development program is for high school students who have demonstrated leadership potential and scholastic merit. Paladino will be one of approximately 400 students from around the country at the conference.

The theme is “The Leaders of Tomorrow Meeting the Leaders of Today.” Throughout six days, Paladino will interact with people from the three branches of government, the news media and the international community.

“We often hear from members of Congress, political appointees and members of Washington’s press corps that it is a privilege to meet and interact with students like Jessica Paladino because they are the face of our country’s future,” said Mike Lasday, executive director of the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, the organization that sponsors the conference.

“What these students learn at the National Young Leaders Conference will enable them to build coalitions with one another and exercise their own leadership skills within communities around the country,” he said.

To complement the schedule of special meetings and briefings, Paladino will participate in a number of leadership skill-building activities and simulations. In one role-play activity titled “If I Were President,” students act as the president and cabinet members responding to an international crisis.

Students also participate in “Testing the Constitution,” in which they examine actual Supreme Court cases. The conference culminates with the “Model Congress,” in which scholars assume the roles of U.S. representatives, and debate, amend and vote on proposed mock legislation.

For additional information, people can visit www.cylc.org.

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