TURNER – Calvary Christian Academy announces the first-quarter honor roll.

Grade one

A honors: Sarah Fortin, Kathryn Grimbilas.

A-B honors: Kristyn Brown, Elizabeth Carr, Caitlyn Flagg, Rachel Woodward.

Grade two

A honors: Jacob Berry, Briton Kelley.

A-B honors: Nathan Brown, Maria Fuentes.

Grade three

A-B honors: Paul Mason, Abigail Woodward.

Grade four

A honors: Kyle Hewitt.

A-B honors: Courtney Brown, Samuel Flagg, Michael Shaw, Amanda Russell, Emily Willett.

Grade five

A honors: Andrew Carr.

A-B honors: Ashley Harvey, Dan Heuveline.

Grade six

A honors: Blaine Heikkinen.

A-B honors: Mark Fortin, Justin Mackin.

Grade seven

A honors: Luke Fortin, Rebekah Willett

A-B honors: Joshua Lilley, Brianna Russell, Kourtney Weeks.

Grade eight

A-B honors: Allison Clark, Nick Shaw, Cyre Simard.

Grade nine

A-B honors: Jeff Harvey, Bethany Lilley.

Grade 10

A honors: John Grimbilas, Nikki Hamm.

A-B honors: Stevie Field, Craig Fortin, Arthur Ginn.

Grade 11

A-B honors: Colleen Clark, Erin Johnston, Carrie Shaw.

Grade 12

A honors: John Gagnon, Kristen Grimbilas, Julie Hadley, Mike Nelson.

A-B honors: Jeremy Mason, Hannah Staples, James Willett.

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