DIXFIELD – Ludden Memorial Library announces new arrivals on the book shelves during November.

Adult fiction

“A Christmas Visitor,” Perry; “Dear Prince Charming,” Kauffman; “Double Homicide,” Kellerman; “Echoes,” Steel; “End of State,” Hart; “Gun Ball Hill,” Cooney; “Hour Game,” Baldacci; “In the Night Room,” Straub; “Light on Snow,” Shreve; “London Bridges,” Patterson; “Metro Girl,” Evanovich; “Nights of Rain and Stars,” Binchy; “On Thin Ice,” Adair; “Sacred Stone,” Cussler; “The Deadly Dance,” Beaton; “The Hawk and the Jewel,” Wick; “The Knight and the Dove,” Wick.

Also, “The Parisian Affair,” Gould; “The Prince of Beverly Hills,” Woods; “The Prodigal,” Lewis; “The Secret Life of Bryan,” Foster; “The Yada Yada Prayer Group,” Jackson; “To Dream Anew,” Peterson; “To Light a Candle,” Lackey; “Who Brings Forth the Wind,” Wick; “Wings of the Morning,” Wick.

Adult nonfiction

“Chilton Truck and Van Repair Manual 1998-2002”; “Hearts Touched with Fire,” Dole; “Iraq’s Smoking Gun,” Pender; “Maine Voices: a Celebration of the People of Maine”; “Native American Mythology,” Lynch; “Race to the Pole,” Fiennes; “Ronnie and Nancy,” Colacello; “Special Children Challenged Parents,” Naseef; “The Missing Peace: The Inside Story,” Ross; “Treachery: How American’s Friends and Foes,” Gertz; “Vaccine A,” Matsumoto.

Large-print adult fiction

“A Summer Idyll,” Nells; “Death Along the Cimarron,” Compton; “Follow the Star,” Jakes; “Jordan’s Star,” Morris; “Killjoy,” Garwood; “The Drowning Tree,” Goodman; “The First Mountain Man: Preachr’s Peace,” Johnstone; “The Lady of Stonewycke,” Phillips; “The Proposal,” “The Rescue” and “The Visitor,” all by Wick.

Large-print nonfiction

“Life After 50.”


“Flirting with Pete,” Delinsky; “My Pleasure,” Brookway; “Someone Like You,” Mallery; “Star Trek Voyager: The Farther Shore,” Colden; “Star Wars Republic Commando-Hard Contact,” Travess; “The New Baby,” Mott; “The Rivals,” Johnston; “What She Doesn’t Know,” Wainscott.

Juvenile fiction

“Andre the Famous Harbor Seal,” Hodgkins; “Anything for You,”Wallace; “Baa-Choo,” Weeks; “Crickwing,” Cannon; “Dragon Rider,” Funke; “Halfway to the Sky,” Bradley; “I’m Going to Like Me,” Curtis.

Also, “Magic Tree House #21: Civil War on Sunday,” “Magic Tree House #27, Thanksgiving on Thursday” and “Magic Tree House #28: Twister on Tuesday,” all by Osborne.

Also, “Moon Loon,” Fuller; “Say Something,” Moss; “Spot’s Thanksgiving,” Hill; “The Firefighters’ Thanksgiving,” Boelts; “The Good Sport,” Brown; “The Great Stone Face,” Hawthorne; “The Great Stone Face,” Schmidt.

Juvenile nonfiction

“Bacteria”; “Big Foot,” Goorman; “Laura Bush,” Wheeler; “Pope John Paul II,” Wheeler; “Space Exploration”; “Star-Stangled Crafts,” Ross; “The Human Machine-The Production Line,” Angliss.


“Caddie Woodlawn”; “Kayla, A Cry in the Wilderness”; “Mystic River”; “Never Cry Wolf”; “Snow in August”; “The Missing”; “The Yearling.”

Audio CDs

“Blizzard! The Storm that Changed America,” Murphy; “Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World,” Armstrong; “Skinny Dip,” Hiaasen; “The Jamie Lee Curtis Audio Collection (Juv)”; “The Rocky Road to Romance,” Evanovich; “West of Dodge and Monument Rock,” L’Amour.


“The Last Polar Bears,” “Thomas’ Snowy Surprise.”

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