On Oct. 16, math students from schools around Maine attended Pine Tree League Math Competition in Raymond. They solved problems for points and an award in return for a high score.

There were three parts to this competition. The three tests were arithmetic, geometry and a team paper. Most of the papers had six questions on them. They got fifteen minutes for each paper. The questions range from four to six points for each correct answer. At the end of the competition, the points are all counted up for each person and school. Awards are given to the top scorers.

The quizzes were two alone and one with a group of up to six people. The first one was one in which the math students did math by them-selves and with no calculator They tried to solve as many as they could until their time was up. The second paper they could use their calculators and this one was geometry. The last one was a group one. The group could talk to each other and use a calculator to solve the problems.

At the end, they announced the winners. Lindsey Kasik, in seventh grade at Elm Street School won first place in the number of points in the individual paper. In the group paper, Elm Street School seventh graders also took second, place. The eighth graders won third in their group competition.

The sixth graders were Collin Dudley and Nick Parker. The seventh graders were Kelly Bickford, Dustin Dionne, Nathan Williams, Lindsey Kasik, Brent Landry and Brittany Michaud. From Elm Street School representing the eighth grade were Chelsea Pickett, Matt Mayberry, Zach Perfetta, Ben Rowe, and Natasha Piirainen (who volunteered to assist the eighth grader.)

Congratulations to all of the winners that were at this competition see you next time! Also, a special thanks to Mrs. Karen Downing and Mrs. Sharon Goss for all of their help in preparation for this competition.

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