FARMINGTON – Most people think of a shelter as a place where second chances are made. The Franklin County Animal Shelter gives cats and dogs new, good homes when they are deemed as being unwanted.

The pet of the week is a cat that hopes, not for a second chance, but for a third. Crash was hit by a car and was injured on his belly and legs. He was sent to Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, who took care in putting him back together. There was no owner to be found so he was brought to the shelter.

The staff placed him in foster care so that he might receive the TLC he needed to get better. Crash arrived at the shelter in October and has been recovering in foster care since.

He is an exceptionally loving cat. He loves everything, according to the staff. He runs around and plays with other cats in the home and is quite patient with a foster kitten who plays with his tail nonstop.

He is also loving with two dogs in the home. He is fond of the one who is considered calm but he loves the hyper one and often will play a type of tag game with her. He loves other animals, even rabbits, and he gives the most exceptional kisses and head rubs. He will lay on a lap for hours on end and will give a hand a gentle nudge for petting.

Anyone who would like to give this cat his third chance at life can come meet Crash.

Recent pets of the week, Nina, Pinta and St. Maria, will go to a home this week. The cats have been at the shelter for more than a year and have grown up there.

New dogs at the shelter this week include an older golden retriever mix female brought in from New Sharon.

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