MONMOUTH – Monmouth Middle School has announced its honor roll for the first quarter.

Grade five

High honors: Angela Bechard, Kristine Kahl, Mackenzie Kelley.

Honors: Meghan Bates, Nicole Brayall, Matthew Bryant, Julia Destefano, Olivia Dolloff, Andrea Martin, Brian Nugent, Nicole Nugent, Hope Paquette-Cohen, Molly Plossay, Matthew Roy, Colby Wilson, Benjamin Woodman.

Grade six

High honors: Jeremy Ashlock, Kathryn Wiederhorn.

Honors: Martha Brown, Nicole Coward, Timothy Deblois, Jennie Gendreau, Amber Gregor, Kelsie Hilton, Kristi Hilton, Alison Murphy, Seth Musich, Robert Neal, Taylor Scott, Sierra Skinner, Cassidy Small, Kevin Smith, Henry Talbot, Theresa Therriault.

Grade seven

High honors: Jaime Campbell, Elliott Kahl, Amelia Rowland.

Honors: Devon Ayer, Peterson Campbell, Susan Chick, Erika Ducharme, Corey Dyke, Brook Embrey, Cassandra Hartford, David Hobson, David Kananowitz, Sage Paquette-Cohen, Maija Robbins, Kyle Somerville, Kelsi Stevens, Abigail Szotkowski, Mark Traverse, Tyler Vandrell, Rebecca Wallace.

Grade eight

High honors: Jessica Gray, Stephanie Spencer.

Honors: Leighann Ashlock, Garrison Beck, Tamara Bondered, Nathan Bourgoin, Richard Brassard, Aaron Cadwell, Brittany Caron, Joshua Cote, Michael Crocker, Parker Ferland, Shannon Fields.

Also, Kerstin Grenier, Blake Hamel, Megan Harris, Ryan Hughes, David Manduca, Matthew McCollett, Candace Minkowsky, Alyssa Morin, Bethany Neal, Bryce Plossay, Vanessa Sirois, Brianna Smith, Eric Smith, Kara Strout, Mackenzie Tozier, Chelsey Webber-Wing.

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