NORWAY – The Florence Whitman Memorial Foster Children’s Quilt Project, which the Pine Needles Quilters of Norway-Paris have carried out for the past 12 years, produced 33 crib quilts this year to be distributed among the children at the Foster Parents’ Association annual holiday party this month.

Florence Whitman of Norway was an early member of the Pine Needles and was a foster mother of 94 children during her lifetime. She conceived of the Pine Needles crib quilt project a year before her death.

This year the colorful quilt collection was presented to Methyl Belanger. She will deliver the quilts to the gathering.

Belanger, a resident of Norway, is the foster mother of 74 children. She had three natural children, one of whom was lost in Vietnam. After a career of lobster trap manufacture with her husband, she turned to foster care after his death.

Highly regarded as a foster parent, she was recently honored with a plaque commemorating 25 years of faithful mothering.

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