LEWISTON – The students of Central Maine Christian Academy stood inside the belly of a whale last month.

Istar, a 45-foot model of a humpback whale, was brought to town by the Children’s Museum of Maine. Second-graders through day care children participated in the presentation.

The program gave students the opportunity to explore artifacts that taught about marine mammals, animal adaptations and ocean life. Baleen, plankton and bones were a few of the objects the children saw.

Youngsters were able to enter the inflated creature and sit in its dark abdominal cavity while learning about each part and its function. Whale and fish costumes, posters and charts were a few of the other teaching tools utilized.

“We look for opportunities to extend classroom learning with authentic, hands-on experiences,” said kindergarten teacher MaryEllen Baizley. The school, a state-approved private school on Main Street, has openings in grades kindergarten through 12, as well as child care. For more information or to schedule a visit, call 777-0007.

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