MEXICO – David Driscoll, director and Cheryl Ellis, student services coordinator, announce the Region 9 honor roll for the first quarter of the school year.

High honors

Building Construction I: Ryan Child, DHS; Brandon Costello, Nathan Walker, THS.

Building Construction II: Gregg McPherson, Brandon Ricci, MVHS; Travis Waite, DHS.

CISCO: Corey Buffet, Jeff Dow, MVHS; Jessica Gill, Julia McDonald, Jonathan Schisler, DHS; Kyle Roak, Chad Knox, THS.

Certified Nurses Assistant: Kasey Knox, MVHS; Coral Buck, Dallas Cole, Ashley Gould, THS.

Cooperative Education: Linnea Burns, Ian Canwell, Kevin Jamison, Derek Waugh, MVHS; James Campbell, Michael Field, Brock Merrill, Kaylee Smith, THS.

Diversified Occupation: Eric Archibald, Jeremy Bellegarde, Tyler McDonald, DHS; Joshua Campbell, THS.

Metal Trades I: Brendan Bradley, Eric Hamann, Andrew Milligan, Scott Milligan, Neil Naples, MVHS; Devin Brann, Craig Young, DHS.

Metal Trades II: Dan Bordeau, Ren Ping Chu, Josh Hayes, MVHS; Craig Wade, DHS.

Wood Harvesting I: Jared Davis, MVHS.


Building Construction I: Michael Adams, Coty Beardsley, Ryan Flagg, Jon Smith, DHS; Mike Arsenault, Derek Croteau, Matthew Marr, Craig Milligan, Joey Worthley, MVHS; Todd Walker, THS.

Building Construction II: Nick Haskell, Jon Robbins, DHS; Corey Moore, MVHS.

CISCO: Chris Fosdick, Jason Stearns, MVHS; Cote McLain, THS; Gabe Mikkonen, Howie Hones, DHS.

Certified Nurses Assistant: Heather Jones, Desiree Murphy, Danielle Towers, Elizabeth Lane, MVHS; Monica York, THS.

Cooperative Education: Cassie Burgess, Joel Richard, MVHS; Tony Heath, THS.

Diversified Education: Jesse Beaudet, Nathan Conley, Michael McLeod, Anthony Gallant, Alyssa Holmquist, Kyle Miele, DHS; Seth Hutchinson, Dale Korhonen, Travis Abbot, Chris Gallant, MVHS; Aaron Barton, Bethany Danforth, Kayla Fitzmorris, THS.

Metal Trades I: Patrick Beaton, Jason Howe, Jordon Palmer, Allen Savage, Keith Savage, THS; John Blais, John Hanson, Neil McKenna, Brian Rench, MVHS.

Metal Trades II: Jeremy Barloaw, Ed Douglas, Mike Gallant, MVHS; Derrick Vaughn, DHS.

Wood Harvesting I: Nathan Calden, Matt Glover, Chris Gravel, MVHS.

Wood Harvesting II: Jerry Busby, MVHS; Kevin Johnson, Jason Tyler, THS.

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