SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Brian W. and Marina and Hada and Marina E. Sessions and Hada Monahan to Warren P. Sessions Sr. and Nada Sessions, in Norway.

Les Bois Carthage Inc. to James D. and Carrie Sysko, in Newry.

Bruce K. and Marilyn K. Gillespie to Scott W. Baker, in Otisfield.

C. Donworth and Virginia Jones to Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud, in Mexico.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to Gail Rein, in Mexico.

Perley and Lillian J. Wilson to Todd and Mary Wilson, in Bethel.

Joleen R. Seaward to Kristopher K. Knapp, in Roxbury.

Elizabeth F. Campbell to Brian M. Albert, in Hebron.

Michael R. and Vickie F. Morgan to Colby and Jennifer Tripp, in West Paris.

Robert D. and Marie L. Merrill to BWM Realty LLC, in Byron.

R. Phyllis Dow (pr) and R. Phyllis Rowe (pr) and Estate of Joyce Emma Pike and Rose Phyllis Dow (pr) and Rose Phyllis Rowe to R. Phyllis Dow, in Oxford.

R. Phyllis Dow and R. Phyllis Rowe and Rose Phyllis Dow to Oakdale LLC, in Oxford.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Dale R. Verrill to Randall C. and Gloria E. Scott, in Norway.

David L. and Bruce B. Lane to Russell T. and Holly C. Tornrose, in Bethel.

David L. Lane to Poksun Lane, in Bethel.

Bruce Lilly to Bruce Lilly, in Bethel.

Sheila M. and Bruce Lilly to Sheila M. Lilly, in Bethel.

Duane Gilbert to Terence J. and Laurie H. Reynolds, in Greenwood.

Sarah J. Lay and H. Douglas Lay Jr. to Timothy G. and Kelly T. Houde, in Newry.

Carl W. and Elizabeth H. Menici to James Depasquale and Susan E. Scripter, in Greenwood.

Lawrence S. Young and Adriana Carosio to Martin E. and Joanne M. Kelly, in Woodstock.

David N. and Sheri C. Christensen to Mathew M. and Danielle M. Millett, in Bethel.

Martin R. and Liesha K. Petrovich to Dale and Elizabeth Ann Frechette, in Paris.

Eino J. Rosenberg to William B. and Clarissa Cote, in West Paris.

Nancy G. Ore to David and Diana J. Cowperthwaite, in Norway.

Calvin B. and Joyce B. Bridgham to Dennis E. and Julie E. Dyck, in Paris.

Joyce C. Palton (by atty) and Joyce Caron (by atty) to Joseph M. Palton, in Roxbury.

Richard L. and Paula A. Smith to Mark J. Pezzano and Kathleen A. McNeil, in Buckfield.

Irmgard Dering to David F. and Jane L. D’Andrea, in Bethel.

James Iacono to Michael and Valerie Ramunno, in Waterford.

Peter Duguay to Constance Marie Arsenault, in Rumford.

Maurice B. and Elva E. Oldham to Lawrence A. Gillis, in Peru.

Estate of Loretta C. Surette and David Surette (pr) to Scot and Cynthia Grassette, in Rumford.

Roy J. and Marion and Roscoe C. and Lucille L. and Karen T. and Ray F. and Elaine B. Hodsdon to Roscoe C. and Lucille L. Hodsdon, in Roxbury.

Keith and Norma Hodsdon to Keith H. and Norma Hodsdon, in Bethel.

Earl E. and Fay G. Milligan to Kevin B. and Sherry L. Milligan, in Rumford.

Roger and Linda J. Cloutier and Linda J. Bernard to Roger and Linda J. Cloutier, in Hartford.

Allison Hazelton and Christopher Bryant to Pammi L. Everett, in Paris.

Faye T. Abbott (pr) and Estate of Harlan E. Abbott to Faye T. Abbott, in West Paris.

Peter J. Climo to Laurie K. and Jeffrey M. Moulton, in Buckfield.

Patrick H. Davis to Derwin and Bonita Childs, in Oxford.

John E. and Mary G. Seilonen to John E. Seilonen, in Norway.

Bruce W. Beard to David R. Sanborn Sr. and Jo Ann Sanborn, in Otisfield.

Donna L. and Stephen M. Stevens to Chad Stevens, in Sumner.

Ralph P. Walker Jr. and Kathleen A. Walker to Hellen Ndegwa, in Newry.

Dennis J. Bowden Jr. to Dennis J. Bowden Jr. and Heather E. Bowden, in Norway.

Corey J. Trenoweth to Corey J. and Luanne M. Trenoweth, in Peru.

Albert E. Allen to Richard R. and Theresa A. Cossette, in Waterford.

Lynn D. Morse to Andrea A. Collins, in Rumford.

William K. and Mary C. Colbath to David L. and Andrea J. Lane, in Waterford.

Arthur E. Hutchins and Elizabeth Belanger to David A. and Carole F. Povelite, in Andover.

Lori T. Swain and Ruel E. Swain Jr. to Ruel E. Swain, in Bethel.

Lori T. Swain and Ruel E. Swain Jr. to Oyster Pond Limited Partnership, two real estates in Bethel.

Riverbend Associates Inc. to Gary and Michelle Rich, in Bethel.

Pricilla A. Sargent to Joshua J. and Sheri A. Brown, in Mexico.

Keys North LLC to Joshua Adam and Julia Mary Herrick, in Norway.

Sandra K. Dennis (pr) and Estate of Rebecca W. C. Bailey to Philippe E. and Gwen P. Gut, in Bethel.

Seamus L. and Melissa E. Haley to Marc W. and Donna L. Sawyer, in Peru.

Timothy M. and Caitin L. Luff to James A. Meserve, in West Paris.

William G. and Arilla J. Ruff to John F. and Gloria J. Hargreaves, in Rumford.

John F. and Gloria J. and John and Gloria Hargreaves to John F. and Gloria J. Hargreaves, in Rumford.

Todd R. and Stacy Truman and Stacy L. Bean to Charles and Christine A. Truman, in Paris.

Katherine E. Bragg to Christy L. Stegemann, in Hartford.

Savage Land Development LLC to John O’Riordan, in Greenwood.

Savage Land Development LLC to Carl W. and Elizabeth H. Menici, in Bethel.

Mary Ellen Yates and Julia E. Bradsher to Karen E. and John M. Reilly, in Albany Township.

Teal Holding Co. to Thomas F. Nickerson Jr. and Colette B. Nickerson and Roger V. Brown and Jacqueline M. Brown, in Norway.

Walter A. and Jeanne B. Kuc to Teal Holding Co., in Norway.

Dale Sanborn to Steven A. and Debora S. Gonyea, in Waterford.

Susan L. Hayes (pr) and Estate of Robert E. Hayes Sr., in Rumford.

Richard B. and Janet W. Scott to Scott Living Trust, in West Paris.

M. Jean Hodgkin to Katherine T. Costa, in Norway.

R. Edwin and Esther R. Niskanen to Richard R. and Daurice K. Courcy, in Paris.

Eugene C. and Beryl D. Christoph to Philip H. and Mary E. Fantoni and Michael R. and Patricia L. Tor, in West Paris.

Ivan E. and Geraldine C. Smith to Richard L. and Paula A. Smith, in Buckfield.

Barbara Moyer to Maine House, in Woodtock.

Linda Andrews and Meghan Elizabeth Andrews Wright and Linda L. Andrews to Linda L. Andrews, in Newry.

Anthony A. Popieniuck and Lynne D. Michaud to Michael W. and Lisa H. Rideau, in Norway.

Edwin M. Gardner to Edwin M. and Lillian M. Gardner, in Waterford.

Herbert F. Lyon and Beverly A. Warner to Jerry A. and Jeri Brooks Greenwell, in Bethel.

Martha Morse to Brian Toothaker, in Waterford.

Troyce R. Parsons to Troyce R. and Faith G. Parsons, in Oxford.

Savage Land Development LLC to Thomas R. and Nolette and Harold B. McShane Jr., in Greenwood.

Robert A. Holman and Peter D. Holman and Geraldine H. Viitala to Brandon G. and Amelia C. Moore, in Dixfield.

Richard J. and Lois R. Caron to Bettyanne Mayberry and Armand Jordan, in Oxford.

Gilbert D. Fletcher to Hugh G. and Vawn R. Daley, in Dixfield.

John F. and Winifred J. Goto to Gail Rein, in Mexico.

Pamela A. Fisher to Paul J. Drinkwater, two real estates in Canton.

Russell G. and Marilyn B. Chesley to Dennis H. Buck, in Sumner.

Hepzibah R. Powers to Paul H. Talley Sr. and Anita Talley, in Greenwood.

Chris N. Stillman and Kathleen A. Stillman (by atty) to Mathew R. Distefano, in Newry.

Ronald V. and Frances M. Carrara to Jonathan G. and Rebecca S. C. Jaques, in Newry.

Stephen and Susan Palmieri to Ward Shaw, in Newry.

David R. and Nancy J. Graiver and Nancy J. Emerson to Nancy J. Emerson and Nancy J. Graiver, in Woodstock.

Savage Land Development LLC to Jason C. and Tricia M. Hurd, in Bethel.

David R. Daye to Donald D. and Johanna J. Lawrence, in Woodstock.

Old Mountain Road LLC to Robert V. Henna, in Newry.

Janis E. Buck to Jerome P. Foresta Jr., in West Paris.

Estate of Nicholas J. Puiia and Nicholas J. Puiia Jr. (pr) and James C. Puiia (pr) to Thomas N. Puiia, in Rumford.

V. Jane Strickland (cons) and Estate of Carolyn Marie Stubbs to Kenneth L. and Christine A. Lindsey, in Greenwood.

Daniel J. Glover Sr. and Penelope G. Glover to Daniel J. Glover Jr. and Lora L. Glover, in Rumford.

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