FARMINGTON – The Mount Blue Youth Cheering, sponsored by the Farmington Emblem Club, held an awards night on Nov. 8 at Mount Blue High School. The cheerleaders had a pizza party served by the Emblem Club members. Parents and friends attended the awards program. Shannon Smith introduced Farmington Emblem Club President Becky Powell.

Smith thanked the parents for sharing their daughters with the cheering program and for attending banquet. She said there were times that games were changed and she hopes that next year there will be more advance notice. She also reminded everyone that the program consists of all volunteers and they are always looking for more volunteers.

Smith also spoke about how the girls had matured, gained self-esteem and learned how to get along with each other since their tryouts in May.

The program continued with demonstrations from each team. Each coach was given a plaque, team photo and cheerleader pin as a thank-you for their time. Cheerleaders were given a certificate, cheering pin, trophy, individual and team photos.

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