NORWAY – The Norway Memorial Library announces new books.


“The Stone That the Builder Refused,” Madison Smartt Bell; “Night Fall,” Nelson DeMille; “Metro Girl,” Janet Evanovich; “A Redbird Christmas,” Fannie Flagg; “Skeleton Man,” Tony Hillman.

Also, “Savannah,” John Jakes; “Wolves Eat Dogs,” Martin Cruz Smith; “Nobody Runs Forever,” Richard Stark; “The News from Paraguay,” Lily Tuck; “Mantrapped,” Fay Weldon.


“Why Read?,” Mark Edmundson; “Family First,” Dr. Phil McGraw; “Why Marriage?,” George Chauncey; “United States of Europe,” T.R. Reid; “Democracy Matters,” Cornel West; “America Beyond Capitalism,” Gar Alperovitz; “Coming Generational Storm,” Lawrence Kotlikoff; “Truth About the Drug Companies,” Marcia Angell.

Also, “Unmaking Law,” Jay M. Feinman; “A Black and White Case,” Greg Stohr; “Broken,” Richard Gid Powers; “Many Children Left Behind,” Deborah Meier; “The Rarest of the Rare,” Nancy Pick; “On the Wing,” Alan Tennant.

Also, “Why Some Like it Hot,” Gary Paul Nabhan; “IPM for Gardeners,” Raymond Cloyd; “Best-ever Curry Cookbook,” Mridula Baljekar; “Thai,” Judy Bastyra.

Also, “Emeril’s Potluck,” Emeril Lagasse; “The Power of We,” Jonathan M. Tisch; “The Last Season,” Phil Jackson; “Faithful,” Stewart O’Nan; “Seasons in Balilicata,” David Yeadon.

Also, “Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader,” Bradley K. Martin; “The Fall of Baghdad,” Jon Lee Anderson; “The Pueblo Revolt,” David Roberts; “Clearing Land,” Jane Brox; “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.”

Maine books

“Roadside Geology of Maine,” D.W. Caldwell; “The Grand Masters of Maine Gardening,” Jane Lamb; “Kayaking the Maine Coast,” Dorcas S. Miller.


“Ulysses S. Grant,” Josiah Bunting; “The Twelve Little Cakes,” Dominika Dery; “His Excellency George Washington,” Joseph J. Ellis; “Black Kettle,” Thom Hatch.

Also, “The True Life Wild West Memoir, a Bush-popping Cow Waddy,” Charley Hester; “The Turkish Lover,” Esmeralda Santiago; “Ella Fitzgerald,” Stuart Nicholson.

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