A curious, and in some respects an amusing accident, happened in Auburn early last evening. A large load of hay was being hauled into Bradbury’s stable near Court Street bridge, the load went all right, it is said, but the hay slid off into the street and blocked the passage for a short time, but men set to work and pitched the hay off the tracks as quickly as possible so that waiting cars could get by. But the unusual sight of the huge mass of hay in the road and the way the men hustled to get it out of the way attracted many passersby who paused for a moment and then went on smiling.

50 Years Ago, 1955

For the first time in 167 years of congressional history, senators and House members this year will have a special, secluded room for quiet meditation. Capital architect George Stewart said the meditation room, authorized by Congress last year, will be ready for use when Congress reconvenes. Clergymen of the Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and other faiths were consulted to see that members of all faiths would find the room suitable.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Arrow-Hart Inc., a Lewiston firm which employs approximately 160 people, will begin to gradually close its doors, The Journal learned. Harry Meyer, vice-president and general manager of Arrow-Hart Division, revealed the sad economic news, announcing the closing will probably be completed by early 1981. The Lewiston plant, which manufactures switches, will be re-located to Juares, Mexico, Meyer explained, stressing that this decision was made only after extensive study. While showing sympathy for the workers who will find themselves without a job, the spokesman emphasized that the decision to move was made because it will benefit the Arrow-Hart company, as a whole.

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