Something happens when you fall

Under the spell of night,

Pitch darkness,

Stars light up the sky

As if fireflies flying too high,

The sky is black and blue,

Like the color of the raven’s plume,

A deafening silence pierces the night,

A shroud of blackness covers the earth,

Hiding the dawn under its cloak,

But dawn is not for hours to come,

The wind whispers its wonders

To those who will listen,

The trees bade welcome

To those who know

The secrets of the shadow,

The mysteries that

This night does hold,

The creaking of branches

Are the forests speaking

In a tongue only those who

Truly wish to can understand,

The pools of water, reflecting

The blue-black of the sky,

Can show you what the night conceals,

But only to those who know it well,

When told by the winds and the trees,

And when shown by the pool,

Then you will know of a shadow,

Invisible in the night,

It lurks – it dwells – deep within the forest,

Only the shadow can tell you and show you

The wonders and mysteries of the night.

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