FARMINGTON – Those who read this Pet of the Week column from the Franklin County Animal Shelter on a regular basis probably realize that the staff often celebrates the anniversaries of the animals there. Usually when they celebrate, it marks a fairly large milestone such as a cat that’s been there for a year or longer.

The staff doesn’t usually get an opportunity to have a celebration for their dogs as the turnover rate is much higher, and they don’t have nearly as many coming into the shelter.

However, there is one pooch that has graced them with her presence for longer than they thought that she would. She was Pet of the Week a few months ago, but since she is approaching a six-month anniversary, the staff would like to share her story again.

She goes by the name of Kayla and is a true staff favorite. Kayla has had a tough start in life and has trust issues with strangers. She is wonderfully affectionate with the staff and looks forward to seeing their familiar faces each morning. She has adjusted to kennel life amazingly well with no signs of stress or loss of quality of life and now considers the shelter her new home and the staff, her family.

As much as the staff says they love Kayla, they know that she would benefit from a true home environment. A place where she can be spoiled and loved 24 hours a day. Kayla is great on a leash and despite her large size, doesn’t pull her walker around. She also appears to be relatively housebroken, because she rarely messes in her run.

Kayla can have a rough exterior at first glance to those who don’t know her, but given the opportunity to really be able to discover her sweet personality and amazing spirit is truly a blessing that all of the staff at the shelter say they are thankful for.

New dogs at the shelter include a male husky/shepherd mix with collar brought in from Livermore Falls.

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