PARIS – The following real estates transfers have been recorded at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds office in Paris.

Bear Pond Properties LLC and Bear Pond Properties LLC to Lydia and Roy Landesberg, in Waterford.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to A and B Forestry Inc., in Mexico and Rumford.

Randy Arnett to Debbie M. Gallant, in Rumford.

Daniel F. Cousens to Melissa Anne McKinsey, in Greenwood.

Daniel C. and Laurie K. Johansen to Theron J. Bickford, in Oxford.

Pamela A. Tebbets to Maine Veteran Homes, in Paris.

Harold G. and Joyce W. Shaw to Robert J. and Christie S. Wessels, in Paris.

Bruce P. and Richard M. Kimball to Ricky L. and Carole A. Kimball, in Oxford.

Robert J. Rouleau and Benoit F. Bradley to Benoit F. and Marguerite B. Bradley, in Mexico.

Sonia R. Chang to Jean Elizabeth Chang, in Paris.

Roy C. and Renee A. Hodsdon to Philip A. and Kelly M. Plourde, in Rumford.

William F. Glad and Brenda Y. Glad to Mark H. and Tara Hughes Whitney, in Greenwood.

Gina M. Childs to Suzanne T. and Michael F. Marshall, in Woodstock.

Silman B. and Elizabeth P. Whitman to Gerald B. Macaulay, in Woodstock.

Ira A. Gammon Jr. to Ira A. Gammon Jr. and Joyce S. Gammon, in Dixfield.

Alcide and Jacqueline Melanson to Albert A. Melanson, in Mexico.

Kimberley A. and Catherine M. Dorr to Jack L. Cross and Kenneth R. Grover, in Bethel.

Penny L. Bohac Cardello and Joseph A. Cardello to Brenda L. Nichols, in Bethel.

Bayroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Teal Holding Co., in Greenwood, Township and Woodstock.

Bayrool LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to T.R. Dillon Logging Inc., in Milton Plantation.

Velma I. Jaaranen to James W. Bell and Sonia A. Hanson, in Albany Township.

Estate of Clement L. McIver Jr. and Scott A. McIver to Russell Grenier and David Duane and Federal Qualified Marital Trust, in Newry.

Russell Grenier and David Duane and Federal Qualified Marital Trust to Scott McIver and Macot Realty Trust, in Newry.

William J. Micks to William J. Micks and Christopher J. Knight, in Dixfield.

Joseph Zupokfska Jr. and Eleanor E. Zupokfska to Edwin R. Rolfe Jr., in Waterford.

Joseph Zupokfska Jr. and Eleanor E. Zupokfska to R. Rolfe Corporation, in Waterford.

Joseph Zupokfska Jr. and Eleanor E. Zupokfska to Rolfe Timber Corporation, in Waterford.

Robert G. and Martha G. Holden to Wayne G. Smart Sr. and Carole C. Smart, in Waterford.

Delmore A. Maxfield Sr. and Barbara L. Maxfield to Edwin R. Rolfe III, in Waterford.

Les Bois Carthage Inc. to Mainevest LLC, in Andover and Newry.

Cathy M. Stevenson and Ann Smith and Nancy L. Norton and Brenda E. Moore and Peter B. Card and Jacqueline Cox and Richard A. Card to R and D Land Sales Inc., in Paris.

Rodman Coach LLC to River Valley Technology Center, in Rumford.

Timothy G. Brackett to Lynn Piper, no town listed.

James A. Barnett and Don J. Hamann and James Barnett and Don Hamann to Calvin N. and Tammy Schmersal Burgess, in Rumford.

Franklin Savings Bank to Christopher R. Wainwright, in Dixfield.

Christopher D. Garcia to Margaret Benson, in Otisfield.

Pagson LLC to Pagson Realty Trust, in Oxford.

Barbara Haley to Betty A. Leighton and John E. Mayberry Jr., in Oxford.

David E. Dubois to Wayne L. and Lisa M. McPhee, in Rumford.

Jaimie L. and Gary Gutshall to Roger L. Harmon Jr., in Norway.

Thomas R. and Scott A. Dillon to Thomas A. Barry III and Debbie A. Kenney, in Sumner.

Koriene Low to Richard F. Kennagh and Kenneth E. Poland, in Paris.

William J. Sweeney Jr. to William J. Miller, in Newry.

United States of America VA to Ernest M. Fitts III, in Paris.

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