In your junior year you may be thinking about what college you want to go to, what you want to do. You are on the right track. You don’t want to be a senior, rushing to find a college and do applications. Trust me, been there, it’s not fun.

In your junior year you need to start thinking about colleges, not necessarily what you want to do. You don’t need to declare a major when you apply. Do you want to go to a small or large college? Urban or country? Private or public? How much does the college cost? Is it a four-year or two year? Sports? Do you want to go in the army? Navy? Coast guard? These are things you need to look at. Also, a good idea in your junior year would be to take the SATs at least once if not twice. Also checking out and applying for scholarships would be a good thing to start.

Hopefully by August you have found two or three colleges that you like. This is when you get to write those lovely college essays. DON’T PUT THEM OFF!! Ask one of your English teachers to go over them and give you suggestions on what to do to make it better. Also, when you get back to school ask the teachers you like and know to write recommendations for you. Give them a deadline to get it done and check up on them. Remember to be very nice and courteous. They don’t have to write a recommendation. Set a deadline for yourself to have everything done and in a week or two before the due date-that way you can get everything together and in the mail with plenty of time to spare.

Now all you have to do is apply for scholarships. Depending on how many colleges you want to go to and your budget for college, this is when you will decide what college you want to go to, depending of course on who accepts you. Now you get to sit back and enjoy your last year of high school. Don’t forget to keep your grades up. If you don’t, a college could decide they don’t want you. Good Luck!

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