TURNER – SAD 52 River Valley School received an $8,000 grant from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation recently. The grant was written to benefit the culinary arts program, which has been in existence for five years.

The foundation funded the request based on the need for renovating a space that is 60 plus years old and included the possibility of students assisting in the renovation project. At this pint Bernard Turner, from New England Kitchens, is working with the school and students to design the facility for upgrade in February.

The culinary arts program is a popular action learning opportunity for students who experience difficulty in other learning environments. The culinary arts segment offers hands-on experiences that have brought students into several areas of expertise, such as gourmet food preparation, serving, business management and teamwork.

The grant will support the growth of the program along with having up-to-date facilities in which to teach and learn.

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