During the middle of November, a group of students and adults got a chance to become leaders and learned ways to be role models; during their three days at Camp Kieve. As a member of S.A.D.D. (Students against destructive decision), I got to spend quality time finding ways to improve our school and playing games that focused on leadership and teamwork. I had an outstanding time getting to know better the principal of our school and working with peers that want to make a difference just like I do.

We also started to plan a half day event full of activities for our school that will be put on by SADD, later this year. It was so interesting to see how adults in our community perceive drugs and alcohol abuse in our schools, compared to the students. We filled out surveys, playing the role as the “average” Lisbon High School student. The camp was great to stay in, with awesome food, run counselors, and plenty of activities to do- All our goals were really supported and encouraged which was one of the best parts. After a hard day focusing on issues like drug and violence the SADD group got a chance to relax and take on challenges at the ropes course.

This was a wonderful experience for myself and I think everyone else enjoyed their time as well the kids were given ways to be leaders at school, while the adults got to know the facts about the problems young adults face, need to deal with and how it is present in our lives or the lives of our peers at school I walked away from the camp being closer with the entire SADD group with new ideas to apply the values we learned into our school, and many, many, many funny memories. I encourage all students and SADD members to be a part in of this trip in the future. I hope our group can set the right examples for Lisbon High School.

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