NORWAY – The Norway Memorial Library new book list for January is announced.


“Snowed In,” Christina Bartolomeo; “Unexpected Blessings,” Barbara Taylor Bradford; “The Siren Queen,” Fiona Buckley; “A Salty Piece of Land,” Jimmy Buffet; “Madeliene is Sleeping,” Sarah Shud-lien Bynum; “The Christmas Thief,” Marry Higgins Clark; “State of Fear,” Michael Crichton; “A Bond with Death,” Bill Crider; “Black Wind,” Clive Cussler; “The Vagabonds,” Nicholas Delbanco.

Also, “Paradise Fields,” Katie Fforde; “By Order of the President,” W.E.B. Griffin; “Forrests of the Night,” James W. Hall; “Baker Towers,” Jennifer Haigh; “Lake of Sorrows,” Erin Hart; “The Pacific,” Mark Helprin; “Twisted,” Jonathan Kellerman; “The Same Sweet Girls,” Cassandra King.

Also, “Life Expectancy,” Dean Koontz; Falling Awake,” Jayne Ann Krentz; “The Motive,” John Lescroart; “Too Far,” Mike Lupica; “Alice in Jeopardy,” Ed McBain; “The Girl who Married a Lion,” Alexander McCall Smith; “Loop Group” Larry McMurtry; “Choke Point,” James C. Mitchell.

Also, “Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders,” John Mortimer; “Strike the Harp!,” Parry Owen; “London Bridges,” James Patterson; “Seven Types of Ambiguity,” Elliot Perlman; “Bad Dirt,” Annie Proulx; “The Devil’s Right Hand,” J.D. Rhoades; “In the Night Room,” Peter Straub; “I am Charlotte Simmons,” Tom Wolfe.


“Arc of Justice,” Kevin Boyle; “Frozen Earth: the Once and Future Story of Ice Ages,” Doug MacDougall; “Coyote: Seeking the Hunter in our Midst,” Catherine Reid; “Hope in Hell: Inside the World of Doctors Without Borders,” Dan Bortolotti.

Also, “The Chip,” T.R. Reid; “Season of life: A Football Star, A Boy, a Journey to Manhood,” Jeffrey Marx; “Collected Poems,” Donald Justice; “Door in the Mountain,” Jean Valentine; “Music and the Life of Beethoven,” Lewis Lockwood.

Maine books

“Following their Footsteps,” Stephen Clark; “Alnobak-a Stor of Indegenous People in Androscoggin County.”

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