The girls J.V. basketball team has been undefeated for two years in a row now. Our secret? Teamwork. Our team has been great for three years because we got along with each other. We put aside our differences and had some fun. So far, for another third year, we are undefeated. With some players hurt and others getting sick we had little to play with. Somehow we pulled through.

We have been playing our games for Kelly Bickford because of her broken collarbone. We have been winning for her too! I think our team owes it all to our great coach. Coach Matthews! She runs our practices hard for specific reasons.

Why do you think we are winning so much? So thank you Coach Matthews for your wonderful practices. Our three captains for this year are Lindsey Kasik, Abby Proctor and Brittany Michaud as speaking captain. I hope we have another undefeated season and I hope all the basketball players have fun too!

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