LEWISTON – Adrien M. Fundis, a freshman at Lewiston High School, quickly went from a relaxed position at his desk on Jan. 24 to sitting straight up with hands clasped upon hearing Mayor Lionel C. Guay Jr. describe the reasons why he had been chosen for the January Mayor’s Citation of Excellence.

Guay walked into instructor Dave Theriault’s class at 10:30 a.m., accompanied by Lewiston Youth Advisory Council members Katie Lauze, Ally Beaucage and Kelin Sevit.

Also present for the surprise presentation were LHS Assistant Principals John Bouchles, Michael Hutchins and Elizabeth Bradley.

Guay said Fundis had been selected by himself and the youth council in recognition of his exemplary efforts as a youth leader who is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of others, citing numerous community service projects that Fundis has led since Thanksgiving.

Guay added, “Adrien, the leadership you have demonstrated as a member and master counselor within the fraternity Demolay is simply amazing! Your recent give-your-all participation in a Red Cross blood drive, in the CHIPS child identification program, Salvation Army Christmas efforts, outreach to veterans at Togus and raising funds for the tsunami relief effort provides much inspiration for all of us and great hope for the future.”

One-page nominations of middle school or high school students who live in Lewiston (including home schooled) for the February citation are due no later than Feb. 11 and may be mailed to the mayor at 27 Pine St., Lewiston City Hall, or sent via e-mail at [email protected]

The nomination needs to highlight an action or achievement that has occurred in the past couple months deemed “above and beyond” or “extraordinary.”

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