LEWISTON – The Jesus Party Pentecostal Kids’ Church is inviting area youth age 5 and up to take part starting Feb. 4 in a month-long history lesson, celebrating the origin of holidays, inspiring leaders and America’s love for sporting pastimes.

Children will examine the lives of some of America’s most remarkable individuals and their successes and struggles in shaping the nation’s history. All events will be held at Jesus Party Headquarters at 291 Bates St. and will begin at 6 p.m. nightly. The gatherings are religious in nature, complete with gospel sing-alongs and Bible teachings.

Punxsutawney Phil Night will be held Friday, Feb. 4. Children will learn about the weather-predicting groundhog. Participants will discover information about the science behind the change of seasons, hibernation and shadows. Ministry Director Douglas Taylor will draw attention to being aware of surroundings and encouraging children to be sober and vigilante.

Saturday, Feb. 5, will be an evening of Football Frenzy. The ministry’s objective is to capitalize on the excitement of the football season and teach the similarities between the sport and life lessons.

The evening will be divided into four quarters. Children will discuss setting goals, establishing priorities, personal responsibility, team work and a winning attitude. The ministries decor will be set to a football theme. Those in the grandstands will have traditional Super Bowl snacks, a sports illustrated sermon, view football bloopers and win football-related novelties.

On Friday, Feb. 11, there will be a Pre-Valentine’s Day Party. Youth will learn about the third century martyr, St. Valentine, and the origin of the holiday. Everyone will receive a Shirley Temple drink and participate in a toast to “God’s love for all humanity.”

An Abraham Lincoln Birthday Bash will be held Saturday, Feb. 12, telling the history of President Lincoln from the dark days of the Civil War to his assassination by John Wilkes Booth. An age-appropriate video will be shown highlighting “Honest Abe’s” emancipation of the slaves. Birthday cake will be served.

On Friday, Feb. 18, the History of the Presidency will be discussed. Children will see a video, “American Government for Young People.” Viewers will discover how a person becomes president and the qualities necessary. The door prize will be an antiqued parchment of photographs, signatures and dates of every president from George Washington to George W. Bush.

In celebration of the Daytona 500 season opener on Sunday, Feb. 20, the ministry will show a 30-minute film for young NASCAR fans titled, “Day at the Race Shop,” where children will learn how race cars are put together. Taylor will talk about the importance of being well built to win a race. He will share a life application comparison of a well built race car and a well built individual to win life’s ultimate race.

A George Washington Birthday Bash is planned for Tuesday, Feb. 22. Those attending will learn how Washington helped America gain independence from Britain. Birthday cake will be served.

The ministry will observe February as Black History Month on Friday, Feb. 25. Children will explore the journey from Africa to slavery, resistance to slavery, racial segregation, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights movement and its leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

The Jesus Party is a faith-based nonprofit organization and is open to children free. For more information or transportation aboard the Holy Roller Express, people should call 786-5568 or e-mail [email protected]

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