LEWISTON – The Lewiston Police Athletic League held a corporate meeting and election of officers on Jan. 19.

The results were as follows: chairman, Tim Darnell; president, Bill Brochu; vice president, Rocky Federico; treasurer, Crystal Bourgoin; secretary, Jeanne Strout; directors, Mike Bussiere, Maggie Chisholm, Andy D’Eramo and Peter Grenier.

The league is a corporation that aims to foster and encourage in the youth of the community a spirit of loyalty and faith in American traditions and institutions. Members hope to promote the spirit of benevolence, friendship, sociability, good will and tolerance, cultivate and improve the moral and civic standards of the youth and to provide a meeting place where youth can enjoy educational and social benefits and athletic activities under supervision and to prevent and combat juvenile delinquency.

At the Wednesday, Feb. 16, meeting, there will be a vote to fill the vacant director’s position. The names on the ballot will be Paul Morency, Rick Myers, Dereck St. Laurent and Denis Theriault.

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