LEWISTON – The Lewiston Police Department has donated an automatic emergency defibrillator to Lewiston High School.

The recent purchase of upgraded life-saving automatic emergency defibrillators by the Lewiston Police Department now has every cruiser and the station outfitted with units. The upgrade left the department with three older but fully functional units.

Chief William Welch donated one of the units to the Lewiston High School on Jan. 14. Accepting the unit was Paul Amnott, director of the Lewiston High School Athletic Department.

Lewiston High School will have the unit available at the school, as well as at sporting events and other special functions. Welch said, “With 1,300 young adults at the high school, and the number of fans that attend the sporting events, this is an excellent location for this type of equipment.”

Another of the remaining units will be donated to the Colisee because of the large crowds that attend events there on a regular basis.

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