CANTON – Mabel Adams finished the top to a special quilt, which she adapted from a Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine design, in the early 1980s.

The quilt is characterized by its exquisite workmanship of tiny hand stitches and miniature pieces. In the center is a poem about quilting worked in cross-stitch. Framing the poem are four-inch blocks, each in a different design.

The next step of the design are tiny squares in coordinating colors, which leads to still another border of larger blocks where each is design is different. The whole piece is finished in a series of lesser borders, and her heirloom quilt top was finished.

But like many prolific quilters do, when she finished the top, she put it away to quilt later.

Adams’ daughter, Joan, discovered the quilt top last summer. Wanting to see her mother’s quilt finished, she took it to a machine quilter as Adams is no longer quilting. However, the woman felt that in keeping with the quilt’s fine work, it should be quilted by hand.

By then Adams’ husband, Bernard, had become involved. Knowing members of Grammy’s Choice Quilters, he brought the quilt to the president, Sally Bryant, and asked if they would complete the quilt.

The group agreed it would be an honor to work on the quilt. They met with Adams to discuss the patterns to use, then began the handwork – thousands of tiny stitches.

Recently the group invited Adams and her husband to a meeting to see how the work was progressing. As she studied the quilt, Adams was amazed. She said, “Such tiny pieces! All that work! What ever was I thinking.”

Members of Grammy’s Choice Quilters are hoping the quilt will make its way to the state show sponsored by the Pine Tree Quilters Guild Inc.

Adams is a charter member of the group and was an active member for many years. She was granted a life membership in appreciation of her year of service.

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