LISBON FALLS – Sandra Lee Huston of Lisbon Falls is donating 25 percent of the proceeds of her original “Pastel of Beau, A Shire Draft Horse,” including digital prints and notecards, to help raise funds for the continued care of the 38-plus horses and ponies residing at Rockin’T Rescue Farm, 60 Edgecomb Road.

Beau, who is the ambassador for Rockin’T, was rescued four years ago along with his barn mate, Silver, 30 miles from the Canadian border. Silver, an 18-year-old draft horse, died at a veterinary clinic 24 hours later.

To nurse and rehabilitate the 4-year-old Shire stallion, Janet Tuttle, the proprietor of Rockin’T along with her husband, Andy, and their daughter, Tammy, pitched in through the months to cure severe mite infestation and infection on the legs.

After Beau was gelded, it was a year before the farrier was able to trim his hoofs to a normal length and for Beau to regain a normal weight and shine to his coat. It took longer to regain his trust – nearly two years.

When Huston met Beau over four years ago, she fell in love with his noble stance, even with his shaved legs, snarled long mane and thin frame. Today he has a shiny coat, long free-flowing mane and full white and black feathers surrounding his legs.

He trusts his benefactors to brush his mane and does not flinch when a hand reaches out to stroke his face or nose.

Anyone wanting more information about the farm or the print can contact Janet Tuttle at 353-6581, e-mail [email protected] or visit Huston’s Web site at

The artist is a member of the International Equine Art Guild and Pastel Painters of Maine. Her original of the shire draft horse may be viewed at the PPOM Members’ Show from March 2 to 30 at the Lancaster Room, Moulton Union, Bowdoin College, Brunswick. It is open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to the public.

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