WILTON – Bowling results from the Tuesday Winter Mixed League as of Feb. 1 games:


High game scratch: Duane Gilbert and Tony White 244, Bob Eaton 226, Ron Adams 216.

High series scratch: Tony White 664, Ron Adams 616, Larry Duval 577.

High game handicap: Duane Gilbert 283, Donald Dionne 269, Tony White 267.

High series handicap: Tony White 733, Donald Dionee 695, Duane Gilbert and Dennis Fetterhoff 686.


High game scratch: Mary Hutchinson 188, Patty Ladd 164, Cathy Walton and Cindy Laney 159.

High series scratch: Mary Hutchinson 492, Helen Buchanan 458, Cathy Walton 453.

High game handicap: Virginia Wheeler 345, Cindy Laney 233, Helen Buchanan 230.

High series handicap: Helen Buchanan 680, Mary Hutchinson 669, Cathy Walton 621.

Bowling results from the Saturday Juniors League as of Jan. 29 games:


High game scratch: Chris Knight 226, Andrew Cummings 155, Raymond Tilton 131.

High series scatch: Chris Knight 588, Andrew Cummings 392, Anson Voter 347.

High game handicap: Andrew Cummings 247, Chris Knight 243, Rowan Fitzgerald 231, Sean Neuschwanger 231.

High series handicap: Rowan Fitzgerald 670, Andrew Cummings 668, Austin Hinkley 659.


High game scratch: Bethanie Archer 222, Jessica Archer 180, Mariah Barden 128.

High series scratch: Bethanie Archer 582, Jessica Archer 473, Mariah Barden 347.

High game handicap: Kendra Peart 259, Bethanie Archer 252, Jessica Archer 232.

High series handicap: Kendra Peart 710, Bethanie Archer 672, Brittany Edes 643.

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