JAY – Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts radio, television and publishing ministry, will present “Prophecy Code: Bible Secrets Unlocked,” starting at 7 p.m. Friday, March 4, at the Jay Seventh-day Adventist Church, Route 4 and Oak Street.

The series will run through March 26, with meetings every night except Mondays and Thursdays. It will be shown through the Hope and 3ABN Satellite networks. More information may be found at www.prophecycode.com.

Batchelor, known as the caveman, was born of a multi-millionaire father and a mother in show business. His childhood involved thoughts of suicide, theft, drugs and trouble. He ended up joining a group of hippies and lived in a cave overlooking Palm Springs, Calif., where he discovered a copy of the Bible in the cave.

Although his wealthy father offered him employment, he chose to hike to Palm Springs where he panhandled for food and dug through dumpsters. Eventually cave life lost its appeal but surrounded by the grandeur of nature, his thoughts turned more and more to God and he began to read the Bible. His treks into Palm Springs began to include visits to the library where he learned more about Jesus.

A Baptist hiker journeyed past Batchelor’s cave and stopped to baptize him. From then on he has devoted his life to telling others about Jesus.

He started attending an Adventist church where the pastor later suggested he run an evangelistic series. He was offered a position on the Amazing Facts Evangelistic Ministry.

All are welcome to attend the series. There is no admission and free study materials will be available. Those wanting more information should call 897-3838.

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