LEWISTON – The Jesus Party Pentecostal Kids’ Church will feature Bible lessons, “Bible Heroes and Their Life Applications,” for children ages 5 and up throughout March.

All lessons will take place at 6 p.m. at Jesus Party headquarters at 291 Bates St. Children will have an opportunity to win behavior prizes, sing traditional Sunday school songs and have snacks.

Ministry Director Sonia Taylor said the objective of the urban children’s ministry is to point out the relevance of the holy scriptures in a post modern culture and the positive effects in early childhood character development.

The ministry will use a video curriculum, “The Greatest Adventures: Stories from the Bible,” as a tool to empower children to become involved in innovative and creative learning experiences based on the principles of the Christian faith.

The schedule will be as follows:

Friday, March 4, Moses: children will learn how to become strong and fearless leaders in the midst of human weakness. Moses struggled with a speech impediment. What do you struggle with?

Friday, March 11, Adam and Eve: the lesson will be the importance of obedience, following rules and being submissive to authority.

Friday, March 18, Joseph and his brothers: it will instruct children how to properly respond to being treated unfairly and bullied.

Friday, March 25, Noah’s Ark: the session will train children to persevere, overcome peer pressure, never quit and to finish what they start.

Saturday, March 26, Daniel and the Lion’s Den: the class will tell how to put faith into action when facing difficult situations.

Easter Sunday, March 27: children will learn the story of Jesus and his death, burial and resurrection according to the Gospels.

Anyone wanting more information can call 786-5568 or write to [email protected]

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