FARMINGTON – With spring right around the corner, the staff at the Franklin County Animal Shelter realizes that many are trying to shed their winter excess pounds before swimsuit season is here.

At the shelter, they have two cats that are also trying to lose their excess poundage. Bessie and Catharine are the shelter’s two cats in the “Weight Watchers club,” and the staff feels they would be great partners to have to start a diet.

Bessie is a big-boned gal who loves to lay about and lie in a lap. She is black and white. Her markings make her look like a dairy cow, hence the name Bessie. She would love to watch her weight with a special someone, according to the staff.

Catherine is a chubby chica who loves to lay in any sunbeam big enough to fit her. She was not always this big but gained weight after her kittens were adopted.

It is always easier to change eating habits and lose some winter baggage with a friend and these two cats will always be there for support.

New dogs at the shelter include a female Aussie cattle dog/shepherd mix with collar from Jay; a senior neutered male golden retriever/lab mix with collar from Wilton; a female beagle with no collar from Weld; and a male beagle with collar from Chesterville.

The staff also suggests that those who would like to help at the shelter but don’t have much time to spare, may want to think about becoming a foster parent. There are many types of animals there that need to go to a home before they can be put up for adoption, either because they are too young, too shy or too skinny.

It is a big commitment, the staff says, but usually all these animals need is a home in which to rest and some TLC. For more information, contact the Franklin County Animal Shelter at 778-2638.

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