The Bavarian glassmakers say they have invented a glass for fireproof theatre curtains to take the place of asbestos. This glass is said to be malleable as any metal. It can be drawn out into threads and is absolutely non-breakable. Cooking utensils may also be make out of it, for it will stand intense heat without cracking or melting. This new glass has been patched, a feat that it is said cannot be accomplished with any glass made in America. A plate of glass has been bored and then plugged with a molten composition. If this glass can do all it is claimed for it, it will prove a most valuable invention.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Purchase by Bates College of 665,000 square feet of land adjacent to the campus between Central Avenue and the Marcotte Home was disclosed by President Charles F. Phillips. The land was bought from the Franklin Company for a total price of $155,187.75, to be amortized over the next 16 years. During the last few months the college has been clearing the area to prepare it for use as part of its athletic facilities, especially for its intramural sports program.

25 Years Ago, 1980

A $10 billion program to convert oil and natural gas burning utilities to coal has been sent to Congress by President Carter, who called the proposal a critical part of his drive to cut dependence on foreign oil. Supporters of the measure predicted a tough fight, particularly because it does not include pollution safeguards that environmentalists argue are necessary to keep from greatly increasing the “acid rain” problem in the Northeast. The measure would require 50 power plants in 16 states, including Central Maine Power Corp.’s Mason plant and Public Services Co. of New Hampshire’s Schiller station, to convert to coal by 1985.

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