SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Paul W. and Paul Willard Chute to Linda L. Andrews Chute, in Buckfield.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Alan M. and Julie A. Mack, in Newry.

Christopher R. Wainwright to Larry D. Brown, in Dixfield.

Lempi Broomhall (by agent) to Wendall Broomhall, (2) in Rumford.

Lempi Broomhall and Lempi M. Broomhall (by agent) to Wendall Broomhall, in Rumford.

Gould Academy and Trustees of Gould Academy to Locke Summit Estates LLC, in Bethel.

Gregory J. and Michelle B. O’Connor to John V. and Katherine J. DeLuca, in Newry.

William Coolidge to Shawn J. and JoAnn C. Cavanaugh, in Norway.

Leslie C. and Carol J. Flanders to Peter Marcinuk, in Norway.

Russell and Carol Teague to Lloyd L. Poland, in Oxford.

James Barnett and Don Hamann to Barry Lamare, in Mexico.

Holly N. LeCours to Peter M. LeCours, in Rumford.

Robert K. Stewart to Mahoosuc Land Trust Inc., in Newry.

Terry W. and Erlinda P. Kelleher to Franklin D. Gammon, in Hebron.

Estate of Annie K. Kelleher and Terry W. Kelleher (cons) to Franklin D. Gammon, in Hebron.

Allan J. and Ginger L. Patterson to David H. Gonyea, in Rumford.

Barbara J. Tibbetts and Barbara J. Turner to Rae Jean L. Coulombe, in Peru.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Linda M. Anderson, in Newry.

Shelley H. and Christopher H. MacDonnell to C and S Realty LLC, in Rumford.

Alexandra H. McElwaine and Alexandra H. McElwaine Revocable Trust to Michael M. Dubose, in Magalloway Plantation.

Randy T. Arnett to Joseph R. and Dorene C. Roy, in Roxbury.

Melvin L. Olson to John L. Olson, in Byron.

Shirley A. Kimball to Brandon T. Wyly and Paul M. and Donna S. Ovington, in Norway.

Northeast Financial Services Corporation and Bethel Service Corp. to Judith G. Lewis, in Norway.

Maine State Grange Patrons of Husbandry to Ronald H. Charity Jr., in Dixfield.

Richard W. and Lon W. Howard to Keith Richard and Lon W. Howard, in Sumner.

Town of Mexico to Rocren Management and Sandra Hughes, in Mexico.

Michael W. Hughes to John A. Marotta and Heidi K. Marotta and Jam Realty Trust, in Newry.

Earl L. Tyler and Agatha Kimball to Gerald E. and Carole J. Batic, in Bethel.

Land Sail Inc. to Dominator Plaza Two LLC, in Bethel.

Gregg R. and Donna S. Jones to Donald R. Falardeau and Janet M. West, in Greenwood.

Percy L. McInnis to Jeffrey S. and Colleen A. Beeltje Cushing, in Greenwood.

Thomas W. and Sheila E. Buckland to Charles D. and M. Teresa Leahy, in Newry.

Aurele W. Legere Jr. and Estate of Aurele W. Legere to Frederick E. and Rebecca J. Weston and Timothy P. and Sharon A. Weeks, in Roxbury.

Kerp North LLC to Bonnie Palmer, in Paris.

Joey M. Burdick to Scott S. and Carol M. Cahill, in Newry.

Patricia L. Thomas to John S. Wade Sr. and Gail A. Wade, in Rumford.

Maines Morning Star LLC to Glenn R. Perron, in Rumford.

Glenn R. Perron to Glenn R. Perron and Erin K. Kelly, in Rumford.

Community Concepts Inc. to Tracy J. Plummer, in Oxford.

Robert D. Johnson to Chester A. and Linda V. Johnson, in Canton.

Philip M. Shapiro to John W. Bachelder, in Buckfield.

Paul C. Brown to Matthew W. and Yanira Brunsen, in Norway.

Ava M. Bumpus to Beth A. Hartford, in Albany Township.

Charles R. and Janet E. Truman to Jeffrey F. Winslow and Colleen Crowley, in Waterford.

Lori J. Donovan to Albert J. Mercuri Jr., in Norway.

Albert J. Mercuri Jr. to Albert J. Mercuri, in Norway.

Debbie M. Gallant to Brian O’Keefe, in Rumford.

Lloyd L. Poland to Jason D. and Lisa M. Labbe, in Oxford.

Lloyd L. Poland to Cliff A. Boucher Sr. and Annmarie Boucher, in Hebron.

Alexia S. Hamilton and Three Red House Farm Village Trust to Kim Beth Rotner, in Newry.

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