American TV chat-show queen Oprah Winfrey is ditching the high life to star in a poverty-stricken reality TV series, reports

The 51-year-old media mogul, who is one of the world’s richest women with an annual income of more than $300 million, has agreed to live a life of poverty in the hard-hitting documentary. Winfrey will live in a notoriously tough Chicago neighborhood for a month.

The series plans to highlight America’s urban housing crisis. A spokesperson for Winfrey’s Harpo Productions company says: “She has interviewed just about every major celebrity and done shows on almost every subject imaginable. But now she intends to tackle really tough, serious issues, putting herself right in the front line.”

However, to ensure Winfrey’s safety, she will be shadowed by security guards during her stay. But the spokesperson adds, “In every other respect she will have to fend for herself, just like the many people who have to live in these substandard conditions.”

– Knight Ridder Newspapers


Anna Kournikova and her parents have settled their dispute regarding the ownership of a $5 million waterfront home in Miami Beach, the attorney for the tennis player’s parents said.

Sergei and Alla Kournikova sued their daughter in Miami-Dade Circuit Court last year, saying they wanted money for their share of the house that they alleged Anna Kournikova took over.

Anna Kournikova filed a countersuit soon afterward, seeking to remove her parents’ names from the deed. Each of the Kournikovas is still listed as an owner of the property, according to county records viewed Monday.

“Everybody is pleased with the result of the settlement,” David Leacock, the parents’ attorney, told The Associated Press. “The settlement itself is confidential.”

In her lawsuit, Anna Kournikova claimed she paid the entire purchase price for the seven-bedroom, seven-bath, 6,630-square-foot home, plus an additional $1 million for improvements.

She has never won a pro tournament, and has not played competitive tennis for two years.

– Knight Ridder Newspapers

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