FARMINGTON – Simba is a 3 1/2-year-old, shorthaired, black and white, declawed, neutered male cat. He was adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter a couple of years ago but his owners can no longer care for him and have returned him to the shelter.

Simba was a little nervous about being back at the shelter. He tended to stay curled up in his bed at the back of his cage, safe away from all the commotion of people going in and out of the room.

But it was obvious to the staff, from the first day, that he was a wonderful, sweet and affectionate kitty. After a little more time at the shelter, he settled in and became more comfortable, like all the other cats. Now he spends his days strolling and lounging around the shelter, loving attention, but still being a quiet, laid-back sweetheart, the staff said.

The shelter is in need of the public’s support and donations. They realize that not everyone can afford to send monetary donations, but there are many things besides money that the staff and animals appreciate.

Items that are in high demand at the shelter include dog toys, stuffed animals, cat toys, Pedigree dog food, Purina Cat Chow, canned cat or dog food, treats, leashes and collars, pet dishes, pet beds, bleach, paper towels and cat litter.

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