BUCKFIELD – Buckfield Junior Senior High School announces its honor roll.

Grade seven

High honors: Ariana Andrews-Wilson, Brittany Wiley.

Honors: Jedidiah Allen, Moriah Boutin, Jarek Boyd, Cassandra Bubier, Jacob Chicoine, Nathaniel Corson, Mingwun Dana, Aaron DeWitt, Zoe Gillis, Ashley Hart, Marissa Hutchinson, Lindsay Keach, Kristen MacBride, Fred Parks, Norman Parks, Dylan Sinclair.

Grade eight

High honors: Vera Abbott.

Honors: Charles Allen III, Kayla Belanger, Brianna Bly, Kelly Bly, Megan Dyke, Emily Eastman, Abby Jones, Tristen Newton, Kyle Rines, Clifford Skillings, Norman Wadsworth, Alyssa Woodcock.

Grade nine

Honors: Kaitlin Bradbury, Sarah Busch, John Condon, Susanna Cooper, Kasey Farrington, Alyssa Henderson, Kelly Larochelle, Amelia Reuter.

Grade 10

Honors: Kristina Donahue, Corey Martin, Kasey McCafferty, Lindsey Neal, Tyler Newton.

Grade 11

Honors: Austin Abbott, Jonathan Bubier, Tiffany Dunn, Jamie Guilmet, Dana Hill, Christopher Reuter, Shayna Shackford.

Grade 12

Honors: Candace Allen, Elise Boutin, Daniel Brown, David Busch, Amanda Chatterton, Jessica Clark, Rebecca Cote, Ashley Gotto, Tabitha Hunt, Whitney Kangas, Jared Martin, Angela McAlister, Kenneth Plumley, Cheryl Powers, Shannon Ridge, Casey Turner, Kathleen Young.

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