TURNER – Carolyn Dewey, missionary to Kenya, Africa, shared her work with the Turner Village Church on March 20.

Dewey has been serving in Kijabe for six years, teaching at the Rift Valley Academy perched at 7,500 feet on the edge of an escarpment overlooking the Great Rift Valley. The word Kijabe means “Maasai,” meaning “place of the winds,” an appropriate name given the strong winds which develop towards the end of the day. The school was established in 1906 and serves 500 missionary children.

Dewey left a teaching career at Westfield High School in Massachusetts after 25 years of teaching.

The Turner Village Missions board members, John Towle, Nancy Sirois, Jane Fortin and Jane Richardson, presented Dewey with vegetable and flower seeds along with medical supplies.

Medical supplies were donated by Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice in Lewiston and vegetable and flower seeds from Maine’s Worldwide Missions Outreach Inc. of Turner.

The missions outreach serves as co-ordinator for the local hospitals and health care facilities throughout the state and equips and provides missionaries and missions teams with medical and other aid to humanitarian and church groups around the country of all faiths and ethnic background.

The outreach efforts of the Turner Village Church are spearheaded by Pastor Nate Colson and are intended to accomplish the mission’s committee goals of providing humanitarian, educational, agricultural and medical needs at home and around the globe.

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