Every seat at the Empire for the Isle of Spice which was presented last night for the second time this season, was sold at noon yesterday. Standing room only and the biggest crowd of the season.

Predictions are being made as to the time Lake Auburn will be clear of ice. The local anglers are anxious to try their luck at salmon fishing. Jim Tracey says he is going to have the first fish from Lake Auburn this year as usual.

There is no snow in sight right now, except in some places in the woods, and many of the lawns in Lewiston are looking green and thrifty.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A potent new 1955-model Salk polio vaccine began rolling tonight to doctor’s offices to end polio’s long reign of terror. The vaccine was officially licensed for public use by the National Institutes of Health only after it had been found safe, effective and powerful to preventing paralytic polio.

Maine joined the rest of the nation today in hailing success of the Salk polio vaccine and state officials announced that 42,000 Maine schoolchildren will start receiving free inoculations April 25. In Augusta, State Senators halted their work and stood with bowed heads for 30 seconds. “I’ve never in my life been so happy and relieved over one news flash.” said William A. McCandless Jr., chairman of the Cumberland County Chapter, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The 11-day bus and subway strike that had left millions of New York City commuters without their usual means of travel ended at least temporarily Friday when union officials deadlocked on a contract proposal and ordered a return to work. Buses and subways were expected to begin returning to service within hours, with full service by morning, said Richard Ravich, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The walkout began April 1, only the second citywide transit strike in the city’s history. The first one in 1966 lasted 12 days.

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