SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County recently.

Cynthia A. Bright to Cynthia A. and Gary D. Bright, in Peru.

Bertram Jamison to Paul L. and Kim B. Gravel, in Mexico.

Kenneth W. Jodrey Jr. to Robert A. and Nancy Chiacchio, in Andover.

Walter Albert Lowe and Jenny Lee Brown Lowe to Aaron L. Toothaker, in Hebron.

Timothy J. and Jill Berry Bowen to T and J LLC, in Dixfield.

Cersosimo Industries Inc. to Anthony T. Quinn, in Otisfield.

River View Timeshare Trust to: Paul J. and Pamela J. Conley, Arnold F. P. and Jill P. Standish, Stephen L. Butcher and Verna E. Lynch, Christine W. and Michael R. Ridge, all in Bethel.

Joseph C. and Mary E. Stefano to Michael J. Mosca, in Bethel.

Daniel E. Desvergnes to Paul A. and Catherine J. Pinkham, in Waterford.

Roger A. Wheeler and Chapman and Wheeler Inc. to Mary Jo Kelly and Ryan A. Wheeler, in Greenwood.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Julia Lee Young and Nicholas Brooks Lambert, in Newry.

Wendy E. Penley to Hamilton N. and Lorraine E. Shepley, in Bethel.

Jeffrey M. and Jennifer S. Olivier to Hamilton Duke Fox, in Newry.

Robert L. Doucette Jr. to Janice L. and Michael J. Hobin, in Newry.

Savage Land Development LLC to Beverly B. Brown, in Bethel.

Northeast Financial Services Corporation and Bethel Service Corp. to Edward A. Supple III, in Newry.

James and Diane McCormick and Russell Gerasimow to Kate L. Gustafson, in Albany Township.

Paul D. Miller to Linn G. and Dorothy Miller, in Peru.

Town of Newry to David and Nathalie Berry, in Newry.

Dennis E. and Kristina M. Dillingham to Albert E. Holden III and Sandra A. Holden, in West Paris.

Wayne M. and Sandra P. Delano to Peter W. and Melissa A. Cole, in Andover.

Joseph Nappi to Michael A. Lain, in Waterford.

Bethel Inn Corporation to Richard J. Horan Jr. and Linda A. Monica, in Bethel.

Larry H. Corbett to Larry H. and Larry W. Corbett, in Paris.

Kimberly A. Goudreau to Andrew R. Goudreau, in West Paris.

Sunset Hill LLC to Patrick J. and Nadja G. Corcoran, in Bethel.

James Roland and Deborah A. Audet to Deborah A. and Heather J. and Jacob L. Audet, in Hartford.

June C. Whetzel to Sarah E. Curtis, in Oxford.

Margaret C. Austin to Scott B. Austin, in Sumner.

Gregory A. Burgess to Jason P. and Jennifer M. Theriault, in Rumford.

Teal Holding Co. to Lloyd L. Poland, in Greenwood, Township and Woodstock.

Roy A. and Carol B. Henrickson to Roy Eric Henrickson, in Oxford.

Winthrop A. Webster Sr. and Jean C. Webster to Steven M. Jordan, in Otisfield.

Winthrop A. Webster Sr. and Jean C. Webster to Linwood Joseph Lindsay, in Otisfield.

Daniel A. Elliott and Joann B. Faubert and Peter Everett to Phillip D. and Jane M. Smith, in Rumford.

Peter Everett and Phillip D. Smith and Jane M. Smith to Daniel A. Elliott and Joann B. Faubert, in Rumford.

Daniel A. Elliott and Joann B. Faubert and Phillip D. and Jane M. Smith to Peter Everett, in Rumford.

Vivian B. Hall to Amanda Lynn Holmes, in Paris.

Richard F. and Lorraine H. Kennaugh to Janette Russell McCabe and Sheryl Lynn Russell and Kenneth Frank Farrar, in Paris.

Deane W. and Patricia A. Roberts to Roberts Living Trust and Deane W. Roberts and Patricia A. Roberts, in Lincoln Plantation.

Betty S. Merrill to Judy L. Price, in Waterford.

Margaret and Randy Labbe to Daniel P. Houlihan, in Hartford.

Jeffrey A. Taylor to Kathleen B. Taylor, in Gilead.

Mark D. Floor to Darren Lowley, in Buckfield.

Beverly B. Brown to Gary H. Williamson II and Julia A. Williamson, in Bethel.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota National Association and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust and Charlotte C. Hamel to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota National Association and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, in Roxbury.

Brenda Bova to Jeremy and Tanya Johnson, in Hartford.

Roland E. Sawyer to Robin Buswell Jr., in Hartford.

Timothy J. and Jill Berry Bowen to Muddy Pawz LLC, in Dixfield.

Ellsworth C. and Joyce C. Hathaway to Matthew F. and Karen Foust, in Greenwood.

Daniel H. Reavis to David S. Rea, in Woodstock.

John A. Marotta and Heidi K. Marotta and J A M Realty Trust to John Marotta Construction Company, in Newry.

Michael W. Hughes to JAM Realty Trust and John A. Marotta and Heidi K. Marotta, in Newry.

Westside Development LLC to Michael F. and Kevin R. Gormley, in Greenwood.

Susan A. and David L. Bryant to Christopher T. and Tammy Lee Cerrato, in Sumner.

Wendy E. Penley and Wendy McGroarty to Stephen A. Guyan and Ann E. Gooding, in Norway.

Kathie M. Wood to Marshall W. Douglass Jr., in Buckfield.

William H. and Terry Childs to Stephen R. and Jacquline MacDonald, in Norway.

Richard B. Smith to Richard B. and Dona Smith, in Otisfield.

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