It will not be long now before the many automobiles in Lewiston and Auburn will be distinguished by numbers as by laws passed at the Legislature at the last session the owners of machines have until June 1st to procure their licenses from the Secretary of the State. It will be necessary to have every machine in Maine registered.

Application for such registration may be made, by mail or otherwise, to the Secretary of State upon blanks prepared under his authority. And with such application shall be deposited a registration fee of two dollars. The secretary shall then register, in a book to be kept for the purpose, the automobile or motor vehicle described in the application, giving to such automobile or motor vehicle a distinguishable number or other mark, and shall thereupon issue to the applicant a certificate of registration.

50 Years Ago, 1955

For Mother…her own Brownie Movie Camera. She’ll be able to make a complete full-color movie record of the children – indoors as well as outdoors. There’s only one simple setting to make, and a built-in guide tells how. You get real film economy, too. Only $3.75 buys a roll of 8mm. Kodachrome Film, enough for 30 to 40 average-length scenes. The camera with f/2.7 lens is just $37.50. Let us show you how. Berry Paper Co., 49 Lisbon St., Lewiston.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The huge sphere that this puzzled observer is studying is not from another planet, but is actually a natural gas storage tank owned by Northern Utilities Co. The ball-shaped tower on Lincoln Street looms over the surrounding landscape and is located directly behind a brick building – which used to be part of the old Bates Mill complex, according to Edward Fontaine, superintendent of distribution for Northern Utilities. Constructed in 1955, the 85-foot high storage tank can easily be seen from across the Androscoggin River in Auburn.

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