MINOT – The Minot Historical Society met on April 12 when Richard Fraser of Poland presented the society with a poster of a “Keystone Steam Driller” advertisement from E.A. Wakefield, Minot.

Fraser showed slides of the many Maine-built early automobiles, which were developed in several towns and cities across the state. Some of the earliest looked like old horse-drawn buggies and pungs with a motor. Some of the early ones were run by steam power generated by wood fires.

He also spoke of the evolution from horses to the coal, kerosene and gas-powered engines. Fraser has a collection of slides showing the old Lombard tractors, which were used for logging. Some of the earliest ones had a horse hitched on front. The horse was used as the steering for the front sleds. The tractor was the forefather of today’s log skidders.

Fraser started researching old Maine-built cars in 1958. He has written a book, “A History of Maine Built Automobiles,” and continues to do more research.

In other business, the society has received more articles for their archives from Conrad Conant, Ruth Gammon and Beverly Spofford. A poster showing an 1860 “Cattle Show and Fair” held in West Minot was purchased by the society.

The society will have a public supper on July 16 at the West Minot Grange Hall to raise money. There will be exhibits of items collected as well as showings of some of the tapes the society has been making of residents with historical information.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 10, at the Minot Town Office.

The program will be “Mercy Lovejoy” by Wilma Irish. Everyone is invited to attend, and refreshments will follow the meeting.

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