SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

John T. Thompson to Roger L. Knox, in Peru.

Estate of Geraldine Stanley Howe and Cathy E. Hart to Cathy E. Hart, in Bethel.

United States of America Va. to Carmelo J. Puiia, in Dixfield.

Ronald C. Kendall Trust and Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall to Maine Trading Company and Osprey Trading, in Greenwood.

Jeffrey S. Hadley Jr. to Sherrie L. Hadley, in Waterford.

Donald P. Holden to S.P.I. LLC, in Norway.

Irl O. Brown Jr. Revocable Trust and Irl O. Brown Jr. to Town of Rumford, in Rumford.

Sandra B. Nelson to Rebecca J. Nelson and Randall R. Oliver, in Dixfield.

Edwin G. and Nancy A. Michaud to Ronald P. Bergin and Brenda J. Murphy, in Norway.

Lee J. Barlow to Joanne E. Costa, in Hanover.

Jonathan C. and Carol A. Flink to Carol A. Flink, in Paris.

Wayne and Gail Putnam to Janet Haines, in Peru.

Paul T. and Kathleen F. Kuritz to Duncan and Kelly Lowe, in Norway.

Jack L. Cross to William Timberman, in Albany Township.

William and Sherry and Crystal Timberman to David A. and Frances M. Head, in Albany Township.

Webster N. Jones to Snow Lake Properties LLC, in Albany Township.

Jeffrey S. Hadley Jr. to Gabrielle M. Hadley, in Waterford.

Dana W. and L. Angela Rounds to Robert E. and Claudine Conway, in Waterford.

Anne P. and Maria A. Taferner to Cynthia Stafford, in Waterford.

Bradley L. Buckley to Deer Ridge Inc., in Dixfield.

Richard Bean Sr. and Richard A. Bean Sr. to Judith and Scott Lewis, in West Paris.

Laurice V. Loef and Laurice V. Day to Bernhard and Laurice V. Loef, in Norway.

Cris and Robert Delcuore to Douglas A. Robinson, in Paris.

Stacey L. Brewer to Andrew and Joanne Kate Watson, in Newry.

Randy T. Arnett to Roderick A. and Cheryl A. Varney in Roxbury.

M. Justin Barrett Jr. and Kathleen D. Barrett to M. Justin Barrett Jr. and Kathleen D. Barrett and J. and K. Barrett Maine Realty Trust, in Newry.

Thomas H. Chadbourne to Waterford Properties, in Waterford.

Waterford Properties to Alden H. Chadbourne, in Waterford.

Alden H. Chadbourne to Waterford Properties, in Waterford.

James E. Twitchell Sr. and Priscilla J. Twitchell to James E. Twitchell Jr. and Miriam Watson, in Oxford.

Richard T. and Beulah B. Ayer to William L. Wheelock, in Waterford.

Ronald F. and Jill M. Balistreri to Jean R. and Jenny R. Roes, in Otisfield.

Paul G. Thornfeldt and Pat Robitaille to Gerald R. and Brenda L. Thomas, in Paris.

Gary G. Fleury to Tina L. Fleury, in Hartford.

Eleanor T. DeNormandie to Jon F. DeNormandie, in Greenwood.

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