On Tuesday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 6 a strange thing happened at St. Peter and Sacred Heart, Holy Cross, and St. Joseph’s school -students started acting groovy. You see, this is where the Tri-Catholic School musical took place. Students from St. Peter & Sacred Heart School, Holy Cross and St. Joseph’s got together and put on a show.

Tim Kelly wrote the script. The show was directed by Lori Bowen, and produced by Paula Masselli. The students had a lot of help attaining their groovy clothes and flowers. The main theme of the show was music, beads and flowers. The cast did a great job of including all of those into their show.

Aaron Pelletier, from SPSH, was Travis. Travis was organizing a free concert on an apple farm. Kassandra Bowen, from SPSH, was Muriel. She was Travis’ friend and another organizer of the concert. Rebecca Spelecki, from St. Joe’s was Alice. Alice also helped organize the concert.

Dana Davis, from SPSH, was Mrs. Porter. She was against the concert and didn’t want it to happen. Rich Lamarre from SPSH, was the sheriff. Mrs. Porter tried to make him stop the concert because she didn’t like it.

Nicole Levesque, Tori Mac Couture, and Mackenzi Masselli, all from SPSH, were the Lemon Bugs, a singing group that performed at the concert. Hailey Girardin, from SPSH, played a reporter named Joyce who was covering the concert. Chris Emery, from SPSH, played Stanley Kellogg, who was trying to make the Lemon Bugs perform at his concert instead of the one in the apple farm. Nicole Lavalliere, from SPSH, was Jackie Pierce, who was working with Stanley.

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