The principal of Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls won the award through the whole state of Maine called, “Principal of the Year.” Her name is Mary Martin, a kind and caring woman who enjoys the work that she does. We collected data that included her work as a principal and some things from her personal life as well. The superintendent’s office recommends the Principal of the Year. A committee interviews the selective candidates and employees. Only one nominee is selected. Students and faculty members of Elm Street School are proud to say that this year’s Principal of the Year in Maine is Mrs. Mary Martin of Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls. She received notification about this on Tues., Mar. 29.

Alycia and I interviewed Mrs. Martin.

“Can you tell us a little about your personal life?”

“I’ve lived in Mechanic Falls since the age of eight. I went to Elm Street School from third grade to ninth grade. I attended Edward Little after Elm Street School. I’ve been married for thirty-one years now to my husband who has also always lived in Mechanic Falls. I have two daughters named Sarah, 28 years old, and Amy, 26 years old. They live near by so I see them often. I love them very much.”

“How long have you been working at Elm Street School?”

“I have worked at Elm Street School for 20 years. I’ve worked as a second grade teacher for 12 years, and I’ve worked as a principal here for eight years.”

“What was your job before working at Elm Street School?”

“I worked as a reading specialist, a third grade teacher, and SAD-17.

“What influenced you to become a teacher or principal?”

Her response was, “I enjoy being with kids, and I believe an education is very, very important.”

“Would you like to make some comments about Elm Street School?”

“Elm Street School has a strong and committed staff. The school has motivated students. We have a community that cares about kids. I like working in a K-eighth grade school because I like to watch kids grow. I like that older kids can interact with younger students in a positive way.”

“Do you have any time for activities outside of school, and if so, what are they?”

“Most of the time in the summer. I do kayaking, hiking, white water rafting, reading, and spending time with my family.”

“What do you have to do now that you have been chosen as Principal of the Year?”

“I have to facilitate in sessions for conferences with other principals in Washington D.C. There, I will meet other Principals of the Year from other states. The committees for Maine Principals Associates will be there.

Other questions were:

“Will there be any particular presentations or awards that go along with this?” Mrs, Martin’s response was, “April 28, an award will be presented at Rockport in a ceremony.”

“What do you think of the students at Elm Street School?”

“They are special, respectful, hard working, positive, and the older kids support the younger kids.”

“What’s your least favorite part of being a principal?”

“Sometimes I have to make hard decisions. For example, I’d have to decide a punishment for a student like suspension, expulsion, etc. The long hours are also really tiresome sometimes.”

We asked her if she wanted to include anything to the interview. She chose to add some comments to our interview.

“I think the Principal of the Year award is in recognition to the community. I couldn’t get this award if we did not have a strong school. Mechanic Falls is nothing but team effort, and is a town that really values education and takes care of the kids.

Alycia, and I, along with all of Mechanic Falls would again, like to congratulate Mrs. Mary Martin on her winning of the Principal of the Year “You are an inspiration to us all!”

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